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Article: Trending on Unnati : Easy Breezy Cotton Sarees for Super Cool Summer – You will surely love them!!

Trending on Unnati : Easy Breezy Cotton Sarees for Super Cool Summer – You will surely love them!!

Trending on Unnati : Easy Breezy Cotton Sarees for Super Cool Summer – You will surely love them!!

Come summer, three things are foremost on the minds of Indian women in particular.

Protecting the skin, saving oneself and the family from dehydration, wearing cool to keep cool! The first is taken care of by sun screen lotions and creams or keeping indoors during the daytime. The second is done through consuming gallons of water and other cool drinks along with consuming those foodstuffs that bring down the body temperature.

For the last, we can suggest great summer wear choices in sarees online.

Feeling good while looking great

While most dresses or attire tend to cling to the body, it is the Indian saree that is great wear when it comes to choosing the style, draping it loose or tight, picking the design and feeling cool and cosy flaunting it, with the natural look. So for the season to pass off nicely be it cold climate or torrid temperature, wet weather or simply airy atmosphere, there is no fabric quite like the saree to do justice to one’s emotional demands.

Keeping cool in the hot clime

So what shall it be as the fabric pick for the summer?

Soft and light handloom cotton sarees would be a great choice when it comes to having your own way despite the discouraging conditions of hot weather.

Why cotton?

Cotton is a widely preferred natural fibre material that is soft, smooth textured, light, airy, sheer and very comfortable as a fabric for daily wear and long durations. Handloom Cottons are good plain weaves of simple lattice of closely placed yarn threads.

The endearing features of cotton sarees

The physical qualities of cotton as good fabric material of comfort and feel, absorbent during hot and insulating in cold weather conditions, are welcome features. In addition, with mercerization cotton also acquires additional strength and lustre. As a fabric material it is very versatile. It provides good affinity to most colour dyes, blends very well with almost all other fabrics, sets a very good backdrop for block prints and all other nature of prints, absorbency of colour dyes is very high that ensures fastness and is the right canvas for adorning additions like zardozi, mirror work, kundan work, beads, sequins and a whole lot of others.

Rajasthan and its fine tradition of creative cottons

The land of the desert, Rajasthan, is known for its wonderful spread of exotic fabrics in silk and cotton. Indian ethnic fare is displayed in a wide ranging variety of quality weaves in vibrant colours that thrill the heart. There are many traditional styles of weaving, dyeing and printing that have given it a niche place in Indian fabrics, both in traditional and trending.

Rajasthani cotton is known for its soft and smooth texture and one that allows for a wide range of vibrant and soft colours in organic and man-made dyes. While its handlooms display the fine quality of weaving like seen in the Kota Doria, the traditional printing techniques like the Bagru, Dabu, rapid block printing, Sanganer Block, Balotra rapid dye, pigment printing etc., involving the traditional processes of Leheriya, Bandhani Tie & Dye, Batik, their right combinations have all been used to create sensational designs and patterns of modern taste, with the cotton fabric affording a good canvas for the display of such fine work. Floral designs, geometric shapes, abstract prints are all popularly chosen for the Rajasthani cotton and sico creations.

The Malmal cotton saree

Malmal cotton is a fine variety of cotton generally grown in the Northern region of India. Soft, fluffy and of good texture, it makes for airy, transparent, light and extremely comfortable cotton fabrics of medium strength.

Cotton has a good affinity for colour dyes and so you find Malmal cotton sarees having a wide range and variety in colours. On account of the good quality of cotton and exceptionally good counts a number of exquisite designs and patterns come out very well on the Malmal sarees. The weave of a malmal saree is so fine that it has lustre almost as good as a silk saree.

Striking light-coloured Bandhani borders along with dark coloured patch borders, fine mango bootis in embroidery on appliqué patch work are just an example why the appeal of Malmal sarees never diminishes to serve well for the simple to the very exclusive of occasions.

The invigorating offerings of Kota cottons

The Kota Cotton Saree is translucent muslin, much preferred for its light weight, softness and airy comfort. The Kota Cotton Saree is woven in a manner designed to produce check patterns on the fabric. The square shaped checks are known as Khats. The Kota Doria weave employs the warp and the weft in a special combination of cotton threads to form the extremely fine checkered pattern. The standard Kota Doria Saree is woven in white and later dyed in different colours.

In the case of saris with designs, the threads are dyed prior to weaving. Pure Cotton Sarees with golden Zari threads woven in square patterns is a popular variety. Variations in borders and a whole array of bright colours and shades like pink, blue, saffron, orange etc. applied to traditional prints and beautiful embroidery work create stunning effects.

Rajasthani handloom cottons under one roof

Unnati Silks has always been fascinated and obsessed by the virtues of cotton and its endless possibilities. Unnati Silks has the feel and pulse of the market and with over three decades association with fabrics, there are some delightful creations that have been brought out.

So while there is hardly a handloom cotton variety that cannot be seen at Unnati Silks, let us talk of the Rajasthani cotton sarees mentioned above – the Malmal and the Kota Doria, that would be worth the buy, for the look and the comfort, the creativity and the durability, an essence of Rajasthani tradition and yet keeping up with current tastes. Beautiful light coloured sarees with dark coloured motifs distributed all over with designer patterns, fancy block prints and geometrical designs. There are sarees from light to creamish to darker shades with flowery motifs spread all over.

There are a whole lot of Rajasthani Malmal cotton sarees with the traditional Dabu printing but incorporating jazzy designer block prints. In earthy and vibrant colors, there are the geometrical zigag patterns, the floral scapes and vines and other imaginative patterns through immaculate finish block prints. You also have a range of the Shibori prints on fine Malmal cottons in brilliant color combinations.

There are other Rajasthani cottons like the Kota Masuria in a horde of designs and styles of prints and motif variety that has invited a door of possibilities in future creations of mix and match. You have dark colours and earthy shades with bagru block prints and where the pallu is a designer mix of attractive large bootis, stripes and fancy prints. There are light prints in vibrant hues with Bagru prints and a slightly darker shade of the pallu having the more exotic of the Bagru prints.

Further you have the vibrant coloured Kota cottons with attractive floral prints and highlighted borders to match.

There is no season where handlooms do not have the answer. Finely woven in dedicated counts in devoted fashion, handloom fabrics create the right environs irrespective of external conditions, through an extraordinary blend of ideas, imagination and talent. That is why the Indian woman who opines the saree, can never truly feel the heat, despite the mercury rising outside.

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