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Article: Trending on Unnati - a new wave of Kurta and Kurtis

Trending on Unnati - a new wave of Kurta and Kurtis
cotton kurtas

Trending on Unnati - a new wave of Kurta and Kurtis

There is a new range of pure handloom Kurtis & Kurtas that have flooded the market and been lapped up instantly and with enthusiasm. From the now familiar world of Unnati Silks, the acknowledged destination for handlooms since 1980, comes the new line of experiments that promises much and delivers more. Dabbling in the intriguing prints of Bagru, exploring the Kalamkari cottons, dipping into the new fashion styles of Rajasthani cotton, re-visiting the Anarkali, and of course dwelling upon the exotic Pochampally Prints, it’s time to dress up and flaunt the kurtas and kurtis.

The Bagru cotton long kurta

What is the long kurta? Well it is the kurta that visits the ankles. The new Bagru kurtas in pure cotton use the blue color in the light and dark shades and with the un-dyed portions assuming the color white. There are two portions of the kurta. One portion that is short and in the front and the other behind it that leads right up to the ankles.

The uppermost short portion is stitched on either side to the inner long portion, has the light shade of blue with dark blue prints all over, has flowery prints throughout and has the sleeves that are in three fourth length format. The front portion has an overlap within itself with one half of its left portion overlapping the right one. There is a floral design prints all over the short front portion.

In contrast the long portion is dark blue or indigo throughout its length, interspersed with the white or un-dyed portions. While the short portion has florals, there is imagery like a footprint, figures of animals, checks pattern, a bell spread over the entire long portion front and back.

The contrast of light over dark is very eye-catching and forms the basis for the unusual attractiveness added to which is the light blue - dark blue contrasts in the short front and long back portions.

There is a gentle taper from the narrow at the waist to the flare at the bottom.

A plain white ankle - hugging salwar would do very nicely with the long kurta as combo. Heels or pure flat would be a good accessory.

The images belie the fact.

Bagru Prints are known for their unique use of Natural Dyes and Hand Block Printing. Wooden Hand Blocks are blocks of wood with holding grips on one side and a flat smooth surface or pressing side with design engraved on it on the other. Designs engraved are transferred to the fabric by filling colours in the etched cavities and giving a sharp hit to the pressed block on the cloth.

Pure Kalamkari cotton long Kurta

The Kalmkari is a colorful assortment of images, floral designs intermingled in the color-filled canvas. These Kalamkari long kurtas have two portions, but unlike the above described Bagru, both the front portion and the one behind it are o equal lengths, right upto the ankles. The front portion however only covers half the portion, the other half of the front covered by the portion just behind it.

The front portion is again stitched to the portion behind it on the left side.

Both have the Kalamkari on them but the difference being in the choice of colors and the theme. The front portion sports light shade Kalamkari and has floral designs including vines. The back portion has a slightly darker shade of Kalamkari and contains imagery of various sorts.

It is narrow at the top and tapers to flare at the bottom. The angarakha neck, the designer knot at the junction of the front and behind portions in the upper half, the thin contrast border on the front portion and the two different portions showing different colored Kalamkari, together set off an allure.

Rajasthani Cotton Front Slit Kurta

Beautiful Rajasthani cotton kurta with round neck with lovely prints / hand-painted figurine imagery, its most novel feature is the front end slit in the kurta towards the front side right end from waist down. An added decorative feature is the very attractive vertical line of designer wooden buttons. The sparsely distributed decorations on the front are prints or prints with Kantha embroidery on top.

Rajasthani Cotton Anarkali Kurta

True to the Anarkali scheme of things the Rajasthani Cotton Anarkali Kurta is narrow at the top, going down uniformly in a taper, with a broad flare at the bottom. The prints over the kurta, the three fourth sleeves and the lovely thin contrast colored border all over the kurta periphery and at the sleeve ends add to a pretty picture. Just below the neck are two or three tassel knots at the centre awaken curiosity.


Pochampally cotton cut out shoulder Kurti

Lovely Pochampally cotton ikat kurti that ends at waist level, it sets off a very attractive combination with white Palazo pants. A novelty is new fashion experiment of material cut out on either shoulder portion. With a nice ¾ sleeve format in colorful design, it makes for a nice trendy form of attire that should set eyes rolling.

Pochampally cotton kurti

This kurti at waist level filled with the ikat design zigzag wave printed all over it makes for an attractive sight. A unique feature is the slightly extended back portion slightly below the front portion line. The ikat design suits well with any bottom, but as usual Palazzo pants in white would do great.

All these wonderful experiments have been received well at the market for the novel presentations in format. Backed by the Handloom Mark Label these cotton kurtas and kurtis would be great wear for a summer that seems unrelenting this time.

Handlooms are India’s greatest strength in fabrics considering the variety, craftsmanship and heritage worth. Invest in handlooms and encourage the Indian weaver.

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