Looking for CLASSY BOAT Neck Saree BLOUSES with Perfect Plus Size Fittings?– Then Our Ready To Wear Collection is a must for you


What was that? You saw and heard right. Indeed behind the Indian saree of late is the trending and stylistic ‘boat version’ of the blouse. So very popular and liked by a wide audience of fashion loving women, the boat blouse is the ‘in-thing’ of today. From fashion divas to corporate working women, style gurus to the modern housewives, the boat neck design seems to be the best thing that could have happened of late. (Mind you the next fashion avatar could have similar rave reviews if it jelled with the vast populace of fashion-followers).

Neck shapes

The blouse that goes with the saree has a neck to cater, a fastening at front or back, plain to being adorned with jazzy designs, being that complete fit that goes well with what it accompanies. The neck starts from front, circles from front and reaches back to where it started from. In the process it creates different shapes from simple round when unobstructed in the travel to different shapes when obstructed at two points opposite to each other, like semi circular, U shaped V shaped, the mandarin Chinese, this that and now the boat shaped one.

So what is the boat shape?

It is having a concave or curving inward shape like a boat. The neck of the blouse is boat shaped at front and back. What is special one may ask? Well if one were to see a person wearing something with a boat neck it would make one realize it is the face above the neck that automatically becomes the focus of attention. It is a flattering feeling that evokes plenty of mixed emotions mostly pleasant of course. Which woman would not like that?

The boat neck is a shape that properly designed brings out elegance and a curiosity about the face it encloses in a strange unexplainable way, like wanting to know more. But who’s bothered about the reasons, the effect is what matters. And the best part of it is, that on an average Indian women have discovered that the shape does well for them, showing them in good light. No wonder, it has been a hit the time it got introduced to the market and the excitement has not died down as yet.

What does Unnati Silks have to offer in boat neck blouses?

The new range of boat neck blouses meant as appropriately matching accompaniments to the different varieties of handloom sarees are a surprise to the market despite the boat shape on various form of clothing already being visible to the public at large.

What’s new?

  • These are a whole lot of handloom cotton blouses in plain to designer mode. The fabric is nicely woven, of good texture, soft, comfy and vibrantly colorful.
  • They are ready-made – a whole lot of them stitched, ready to wear and catering to a whole lot of sizes. Of course with Unnati’s stitching facility available, modification and customization are always possible at a slight additional cost.

Shop Online Beautiful Boat Neck Stitched Blouses

  • Made of quality handloom fabric, and a choice of varieties involved, it is a healthy display of tastefully done traditional and trending fusion. So one gets to choose from the exotic Ajrakh blue dark and light prints, the ever charming Kalamkari blouse in floral and imagery, the ever sought after unique ikat tie & dye in tantalizing designs, the simple but eye-catching Managalagiri cotton blouse, the plain, printed and self colored weaves on Rajasthani cotton fabrics for a start.

And the plus of it?

  • Stitching cost a major component of overall cost of a product is included in the amazingly low pricing for these ready-made blouses.
  • The blouses are designer stuff considering that the designs are unique, processed with traditional hand woven and handcrafted methods yet coming out as beautiful trendy offerings due to undiluted attention paid throughout.
  • Plenty of where it came from to have smiles all around, with the back-up option of customization, were something slightly different be desired.
  • The quality of fabric, the colors used, the design, the look and finish at prices unbelievable considering what is involved.
  • Intended as a saree blouse, the adventurous and imaginative are welcome to get creative.

There is nothing more fascinating than anticipation for a creator and the recipient. Unnati silks has provided a range that it anticipates the market shall be thrilled with, going by decades of experience and knowledge of tastes. The market is keen and awaiting something out of the ordinary. Based on initial readings Unnati Silks could be in for something pleasant and encouraging.

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