Magic of Kalamkari, Grace of Anarkali & Creativity of Unnati – THE KALAMKARI ANARKALI KURTAS

Come summer and the Indian woman dives into her wardrobe to seek something light and un-oppressive, cool in look and comfort, to help her pass the hot days with dash and demeanour.

The sarees online and salwar kameez serve well for the hot weather and in most cases are the preferred attire. But when it comes to that casual look yet stylish appearance that pairs well with different forms of the lower half, it is the Indian kurta or tunic that is widely preferred by females of all ages.

The Indian tunic is mostly worn with jeans, skirts and lehengas, sports a different look with different accessories and footwear. Good in fit yet loose enough for that airy feeling, of material very light on the body, it is just the length that gets the immediate like of the young and the approving nod of the not so young. The slightly longer kurta, looser in embrace also does well in its different avatars.

A choice of necks, from round, square, V, U, with light, embroidery or plain; a whole host of vibrant colours and pleasing hues, with options of sleeves, no sleeves, half sleeves and three fourth sleeves; styles like double layered, Anarkali, tail cut, the kurta and kurti automatically become the most endearing choices for most women in India.

Unnati Silks and its new range of Kalamkari kurtas and tunics

Kalamkari that wonderful hand painted or hand block printed art is once again put on display, this time  on lovely soft silk and pure handloom cotton.

You have the wonderfully crafted designer soft tunic with the familiar Kalamkari decorating the fabric in a host of colors. The motifs have been chosen with care considering their popularity over time. The human hand in different mudras or gestures, the head portion of deities, the interesting crane bird, etc. are some of the very interesting choices made and presented in a plethora of colors that make the Kalamkari art interesting. On the soft woven silks on a plain but vibrantly colored background, the contrasting motifs stand out well.

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There are certain remarkable features that catch the onlookers’ eye. The back portion of the tunic is right upto the ankles while the front portion of the same is only below the knees.  To make the visible inner side of the back portion of the tunic attractive and in consonance with the other borders, there is a wide border attached. Both, this border and the Mandarin Collar lining as well as the sleeve ends have the same color to enhance the look. The three fourths sleeve in this combination looks nice.

Paired well with a good bottom and matching color high heels the result would be of an elegance that is elevating.

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The pure Kalamkari handloom cotton kurtas

The Kalamkari true to its traditional presentation is a splash of nicely chosen, vividly distributed colors. A novel display is visible in the two part split – one from shoulders to above waist, the second from above waist to ankle length. The top portion has Kalamkari with deity heads in multiple hues on a plain dark background. The lower portion also has Kalamkari but with a floral scape spread all over. The split is only in the difference in the portions, the fabric in itself is continuous. The eye-catching feature is the colored bands at the 3/4 sleeve ends, the neck lining from front to back and back again to front, and the bottom portion of the kurta. Contrasting with the background color of the body of the kurta, the border colors contrast beautifully.

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There is a range of Kalamkari Anarkali Kurtas that catch the eye. In pure handloom cotton with light and dark color backgrounds. There are beautiful motifs of deity heads spread across the length and width that make them attractive.

There is a special range of the light colored backgrounds. Picture a desert scene with white to light brown sand, the camels and desert horses forming part of the scenery, small oases or water springs distributed over a large expanse and date palms beautifully decorating the environment. Put in light cream and brown hues, the soft handloom cottons are beautified with the above scene in nicely executed Kalamkari, sharp and detailed.

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This is Summer, the season when Kurtas and tunics would be the preferred choice of very many females seeking to look and feel comfortable. The Kalamkari is a traditional art that has been tremendously explored from the time it came to be noticed by fashion designers.  This new range of Kalamkari Kurtas and tunics from Unnati Silks with plenty of creativity and unique presentation should definitely capture the imagination of females needing that jazz and style these hot months.

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Grey-Orange Pure  Dyed Kota Silk Saree-UNM75036Grey-Orange Pure  Dyed Kota Silk Saree-UNM75036
Yellow-Dark Blue Pure  Dyed Kota Silk Saree-UNM75034Yellow-Dark Blue Pure  Dyed Kota Silk Saree-UNM75034
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