Trending at Unnati : This Summer beat the heat with All Time Favorite Jute Cotton’s

From traditional times, two fabrics have ruled the roost in India – silk and cotton. Silk has always been a favourite with women because of the rich look, airy comfort and the exclusiveness in price compared to other fabrics. Costly pure silk sarees are jealously guarded, worn with caution and care exercised at every step, to be displayed at grand exclusive occasions only.

Cottons are preferred for summer or hot weather conditions and for long continuous spells of wearing. Light in weight, very airy, comfortable, cottons come in light shades and medium coloured hues and are very much preferred for casual outings, office, daily wear since they are not as costly as silks. Blends of the two are very much in the vogue today, the proportion of silk to cotton determining the price that it would fetch.

More fabric yarns, both natural and man-made have flooded the market. Today Saree fabric material could be cotton, silk, jute, nylon, rayon, Georgette, chiffon, satin etc. or blends. There is no dearth of traditional varieties and modern art silks and current tastes have encouraged brilliant fusion experiments to evolve a new range of splendid never-before-seen fabrics having trending designs and patterns incorporated in the conventional handloom weaves.

The endearing fabric – Jute

Jute sarees are becoming increasingly popular, thanks to the attributes of the abundantly found and cheaply available Jute and the need for a refreshing change.   Traditionally Jute is from the Land of the Sunderbans and the Royal Bengal Tiger, but its universality and spread has made it a favourite fabric after cotton to be experimented with as a substitute for appealing fabrics especially since silk has become costly and less available than earlier times. Jute Sarees are known for their durability and shine quality. Beautifully blended with other fibres like Cotton and Silk, Jute cotton Sarees have yielded a wide range of designs and patterns in brilliant colours and innovative prints.

Steadily gaining popularity as a textile fabric with good properties like breathability, good insulation, anti-static property and causing no skin irritation, it is highly preferred material. Jute has excellent blending qualities with other fibres. It also readily accepts a variety of dyes, both natural and artificial.  There is a wide range of exquisite blended fabrics of fine prints in brilliant colours. In recent times jute sarees have been lapped up as innovative offerings by the fashion world.

The endearing attributes of Jute

Jute is a natural vegetable fibre, with a golden and silky lustre. Widely grown and cheaply available it has steadily gained popularity as a textile fabric and you have a brilliantly coloured innovative range of exquisite print fabrics.

Giving a fresh look and perspective in seeking a viable substitute for cotton, Jute has captured the imagination with its wide-ranging possibilities in blends with other fibres.

Handloom Jute Sarees with novel hand-crafted designs, trendy prints, colourful motifs, serve very well for casual wear and the less formal occasions.

The Jute – silk and cotton blends of Unnati Silks

Jute blends with other fabric yarns serve brilliantly as innovative fashion fabrics. There is a new range of Jute creations introduced into the market by Unnati Silks that has evinced interest and excitement for the variety of blends and designer fare.

You have the hand block printed Jute Linen sarees for a start. Lovely bands of grey and silver all along the border with a host of floral and imaginative geometric shapes in black-white and grey-white in self colour on the body, the pallu or end piece is a lovely mix of a variety of block prints in stripes and bands across its width, that is so very enticing.

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Then you have the lovely blends of Jute and Cotton. Where there is cotton, Zari becomes a natural accompaniment. The striking golden zari border all along the length of the border is familiar but welcome always. A designer touch has large blocks spread out across the body that contain floral designs and other motifs in each. The pallu again is a designer affair with bands and stripes of a whole lot of unique but catchy shapes as patterns. A touch of appliqué work also finds its way in the collection that adds to the variety.

There is also the Jute cottons lot in colorful checks pattern flanked by Ganga Jamuna borders on either side of the body design. You have small areas of floral spread in a corner that adds to the beauty.

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Then come the Jute Silk sarees. You have Jute and Ghicha silk sarees coming together with somewhat plain fields lined with the popular temple design border. The end piece has a lot of shiny eye-catching stripes in a captivating arrangement that spells class.

The Banarasi pure Tussar silk Jute is a fine affair of small and large width color borders with the temple design running alongside throughout the length. The Jute Ghicha fabric body is plain but having a nice hue that mingles nicely with border and pallu. There is a fine run of the Patachitra art of mythological imagery or the Warli painting of figurines on the pallu that sums up the grandeur of the product.

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These and more with the fine handloom weaving backed by handloom Mark and Silk Mark labels and a range that is best seen than merely heard about, Jute blends are very much in the vogue for the right reasons.

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Green Pure  Block Printed Kota Cotton Saree With Cotton Printed Blouse Piece-UNM75368Green Pure  Block Printed Kota Cotton Saree With Cotton Printed Blouse Piece-UNM75368
Red Pure  Block Printed Kota Cotton Saree With Cotton Printed Blouse Piece-UNM75362Red Pure  Block Printed Kota Cotton Saree With Cotton Printed Blouse Piece-UNM75362
Purple Pure  Block Printed Kota Cotton Saree With Cotton Printed Blouse Piece-UNM75358Purple Pure  Block Printed Kota Cotton Saree With Cotton Printed Blouse Piece-UNM75358
Turquoise Blue Pure  Block Printed Kota Cotton Saree With Cotton Printed Blouse Piece-UNM75348Turquoise Blue Pure  Block Printed Kota Cotton Saree With Cotton Printed Blouse Piece-UNM75348
Turquoise Blue Pure  Block Printed Kota Cotton Saree-UNM75332Turquoise Blue Pure  Block Printed Kota Cotton Saree-UNM75332
Blue Pure  Block Printed Kota Cotton Saree-UNM75327Blue Pure  Block Printed Kota Cotton Saree-UNM75327
Blue Pure  Block Printed Kota Cotton Saree-UNM75322Blue Pure  Block Printed Kota Cotton Saree-UNM75322
Dark Green Pure  Block Printed Kota Cotton Saree-UNM75321Dark Green Pure  Block Printed Kota Cotton Saree-UNM75321