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                                                                       Indo Western - Blouse

The blouse, a necessary accompaniment to the saree, the upper half of the saree-blouse combination, plain or lightly adorned, in silk or cotton, did not figure much when it came to getting attention. The saree with its large field with all the designs, patterns, motifs, and other adorning features, hogged the limelight when it came to appeal. A piece of apparel that offers scope for exploring and experimenting, this indo western blouse has been displayed in variety and winsomeness of a new kind.

The fancy designer blouses – stylish and fashionable

The quite recent experiments of beautifying the blouse with sensational prints and weaving designs has given a new meaning and a different outlook for the accompaniment, making it more significant and noticeable than ever. No longer will the traditional blouse be a mere accompaniment but could hold out on its own to be suitably paired with fabrics other than the saree. Handloom cotton blouses with the typical ethnic patterns and designs have provided a new line of sensational and stunning creations that have besides being fancy and attractive, given fresh ideas to the fashion conscious.

The new-look handloom cotton blouses at Unnati Silks

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