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Article: Blouse Ideas to ignite your spirit of Dare

Blouse Ideas to ignite your spirit of Dare

Blouse Ideas to ignite your spirit of Dare

From the time that the blouse became an accompaniment of the saree, very many ways of sprucing it up have come to be. Changing the sleeve format – sleeveless to half sleeved to full sleeved, change of neck,  alteration of back, hooking up with buttons, hooks, zips and what not just to get something newer. All this was fine and while these small cosmetic changes in look were made, the blouse still remained a blouse.

Till one fine day, some enterprising soul bored with the conventional, just asked a soul-searching scorcher – Why not replace the blouse itself?

It could be something radically different, acceptable as a suitable replacement and give a new meaning to the word ‘accompaniment’ for the saree.

We present an amazing collection of blouse ideas that range from amazing to flabbergasting for their sheer ingenuity.

Off the shoulder top with bell sleeves. It was normally the saree that was noticed, the blouse staying in the background. Here the stylish top takes over as a point of interest

Off Shoulder Sleeveless Strapless Tube Top with chanderi mirror work saree. Another manner of blouse style, a radically different 'Cool Look'.

Off shoulder frilly top with printed saree. A traditional way of making a fashion statement

Off Shoulder Sleeveless Strapless Tube Top with ikat silk saree. A fashionable display of a medieval style

Off shoulder top with kalamkari saree. The choice of saree design, the stylish top and the facial expression speak volumes of oomph.

Off shoulder top with a Rajasthani printed saree. A village damsel in traditional setting. The trendy top is a dead giveaway.

A closed neck top looks nice with a saree. The embroidered neck enhances matters

Nothing very different but definitely noticeable - A turtle neck sweater is a good substitute for the full sleeved blouse

Off the Shoulder V Neck Crop top. Wow! see how the look could turn heads

Bell sleeves top with saree. A shot from up front to see how jewellery could further improve the look

Diagonal off shoulder bell sleeves top. Seems like the traditional bahu is saying, 'I'm tired of the same-old traditional style'

Loose fitting amazingly wide flared Bell sleeves top. a radical manner of changing the familiar saree look

For those who like loose clothing, the block printed saree and the loose fitting Bell sleeves seem a good match. Is it a desi mem or a senorita

Letting loose your hair and creative restraint - A lovely denim top with wristy flares and metallic jewellery seems to do well with the simple traditional saree

The tall and short of it - short and long denims worn stylishly with the saree

Cold shoulder top with saree. The jazzy blouse and belt combo explode the traditional image of the saree

Cold shoulder top with saree. The saree, the bindi and the Namaste show tradition, the flashy blouse with its fashionable rings and sleeve format alters the situation

Cold shoulder top with saree. It could have been a smiling woman displaying a printed saree. The top addsd spice to a bland situation

Wow! A very traditional checkerboard saree paired with the modern cold shoulder top and the petticoat replaced by the figure hugging bottom

A beautiful match of a printed top with a printed saree - and what a lovely choice of colors

One Sleeve Crop top. Coupled with the small belt and the neck jewellery it no longer remains traditional

Wrap-Tie Uneven sleeveless Crop Top

Tie front top with three fourth sleeve format. A 'topping' matter that is 'tops'

A simple shirt top with saree. and just see the effect it has on onlookers

A cool idea of replacing a blouse

A shirt with saree. And with the large earrings and hand clutch it is traditional no more

A tight short shirt top in corporate style with the conventional Kota block printed saree gives a trandy look

Revamping a traditional style to look trendy - the corporate style waistcoat used to advantage with a saree

fluffy style top with the traditional Bengal cotton saree. It alters the look tremendously

A faraway dreamy look on the chic looking waistcoat wearing saree draped lady

Sleeveless crop top with stylish cut slightly below neck line. Wow! a fashionable style worth emulating

For the more adventurous - the diaphanous garment structured top needs aplomb and panache to carry it off

Does it mean that the conventional blouse is slowly going to be shunted out? Definitely not! Not while you have the majority of saree wearers of different age groups comfortable with the traditional idea. All that has come to pass is another set of fashion ideas for the adventurous and enterprising to try out for a change of look.

Clothing is one area that includes all sorts of ideas, and despite continuous change in look, manner of wearing, change in format and a host of other inclusions, nothing really goes out of contention. It always re-surfaces in time as it is, altered, slightly modified or whatever.

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