Drape Saree like a Pro in 2 Minutes Flat – You will love it, we Guarantee

The Indian saree, is a wonderful garment to wear for any occasion, in the manner you want to and without breaking stride or being lowered in confidence.

The traditional attire for most women, it is worn in different styles from North to South, East to West , based on the regional custom and of course the popular manner in general. While for those who wear it most often, it is nothing new to drape quick and comfortably, and of course looking quite the normal Indian woman.

It is only for the ones trying out fresh or those new to it and scared that something could malfunction that the fear lurks especially when at a party or public place. It matters most to overcome the fear clouding the enjoyment. What runs at the back of the mind is how to get to drape again soon and continue normally as if nothing happened.

 Fear not, everything is under control. Just pay attention to the simple tips that are outlined.

How do you start?

Well you have the worn the just fit petticoat that shall not mess with the saree pleats and the matching blouse. All you need to do is drape the saree quickly and perfectly. Have the golden rule of wearing the heeled footwear before you begin to drape yourself.

Let us say you have to wear a sky blue saree with light golden embroidered borders for tomorrow’s party and you are wearing the saree for just the third time but for your very first party in a saree.  What worries most beginners,is creating the neat and systematic set of pleats, and the possibility of it coming awry and undone at the earliest sudden movement. Fret not! No such thing can happen if you follow the simple tips.

  • Tuck the end of the saree(non- pallu end) on the right side and bring it around the waist to the back side, tuck it in fully while doing the same. Bring it towards the front again and leave some length of fabric and tuck on the left waist.
  • See that the saree length after tucking is just above the floor showing the heels and maybe toes.
  • Now with the free length of fabric at the waist, create the pleats one by one. There is a nice method of creating very neat pleats. Now throw the pallu portion after the pleats over the shoulder.
  • Take the free end up to the far end of the waist in the front and hold it, fold it back to a length of about the span of your hand to create the first pleat. Hold with a finger at that point. Between the two fingers create one pleat after another neatly. The second pleat should be visibly extended 2 cm beyond the end of the first one, the third similar to that of the second and so on.
  • Finishing the pleating use a pin to fasten them together at the top and leave it hanging loose for the moment.

  • Tighten the pallu around the waist to comfortable position and pull the border end at 450 at the navel. Also finish tucking the remaining portion of the free hanging fabric at the waist.
  • Now tuck the pleats neatly at the waist in front of the navel and straighten them out to drop down nicely.
  • Next take the pallu portion in hand invert and fold in two to pin at the border end. If you were to look you would notice the top and bottom borders aligned on the inner neatly side by side.
  • The hanging portion of the pallu could be bunched and gathered upwards to a point that has to be pinned at the shoulder. This takes care of the extra cloth that would otherwise be spreading unnecessarily. Pin it here neatly and appropriately so that the pin is not visible.
  • When the pallu thrown back over the shoulder hangs freely remove the pin fastening at the pallu end.

Look yourself in the full length mirror. There you are you pretty creature in the sky blue saree with the prim and proper pleats in place, first in blue followed by the light golden border, pleat by pleat in nice array. And the top and bottom golden borders neatly aligned as by design at the shoulder level for you to revel in the admiration and envy of the onlookers.

And all this in two or three minutes flat. Let us say something makes you uncomfortable and wish to adjust a little. You know how, so all you have to do is move into the ladies’ room and come back ‘adjusted’ and neat as before.

Time for you to dress and shine!