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Article: This Diwali be a total stunner in our 12 vibrant festive collections- pick yours now!!

This Diwali be a total stunner in our 12 vibrant festive collections- pick yours now!!
cotton saree

This Diwali be a total stunner in our 12 vibrant festive collections- pick yours now!!


The five-day Festival of Lights is upon you and you need something different and delectable to try out this year, away from the run-of-the-mill, something interesting and of course that much special too. That is precisely what the special range of sarees online from Unnati Silks has to offer for this festive season.

Explore the sample collection of one of the finest on offer.

  • Tussar Dupion Silks with rich thread embroidery

A show- stopper piece with a magnificent lower border filled with embroidered peacocks and floral extravaganza from the weavers of Chattisgarh that should be ‘the onlookers’ envy, owner’s pride’.  Woven on pure handloom Tussar Silk Sarees, the Handloom Mark and Silk Mark piece is just what you were looking for.

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  • The contemporary Linen sarees 
Soft linens given a refreshing look with the sharply reproduced digital imagery of florals in pastel colors, it  infuses freshness in the surroundings. Have a look at the range.
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  • Contemporary Chanderi  sarees

As good as the quality of this fabric is, so is its ability to always have something new. A new range of soft and smooth textured Chanderi Sico Sarees in the more sober colors but which brings forth the elegance through the plain body with sparsely distributed but nicely hand printed dancing figurines as motifs. What adds to the the allure is the border on all sides in white color on all four sides like a courtyard. Do see how it goes with your taste for the unusual!

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  • Ikat Muga Tussar Silk Sarees 

A range of pure pattu silk sarees that would keep you wide-eyed in amazement! Rich offerings that are meant for the grand and exclusive occasions! What is extraordinary is the seamless introduction of the complex ikat design within the silk weave. This is a cannot-miss opportunity to acquire a unique product this year.

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  • Hand printed sarees from Rajasthan

There is nothing new about block printing. It is this range of block printed sarees from Rajasthan that is new and exciting. An imaginative exercise in arrangement and choice of motifs in the prints along with the use of contrast color of dark and light that makes the product very eye-catching. The golden zari border all around further elevates. The choice of colors has been most judicious and the effort has truly paid off.   Why not take a look yourself and decide whether you’d like to be the cynosure of all eyes or not this Diwali?

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  • Contemporary Bengal Silk sarees

You should fall in love with this range. Extremely sharp and well-reproduced images through digital printing with entire themes and floral scapes, forming a major chunk of the prints, the color choice has been most judicious. If this modern-day technology used on one of the finest in fabrics – Bengal soft silk sarees does not catch your fancy, what will? A now-generation product for your consumption!

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  • Kanchi Hand woven sarees 

The traditional Kanchi saree is no ordinary weave. If one were to take up any of their plain offerings then one could easily observe the niceties of quiet elegance through seemingly simple but actually complex motifs, lovely color combinations and the broad decorative borders that adorn the lower portion. One cannot but fail when one tries to remove the gaze away from the Kanchi cotton magnificence. Why not explore and see for yourself whether you could do that?

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  • The Mangalagiri Dual Tone sarees

The Mangalagiri handloom cotton fabric being from a temple town has the blessings of the Lord in its weave. No wonder each product comes out as a soft, smooth textured offering in beautiful designs and color combinations. The new range of dual tone sarees has the much popular kaleidoscopic effect that whosoever sees falls in love with it. It’ll be worth your while exploring the range.

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  • Banarasi sarees with motifs 

The Banarasi weaves have always maintained a reputation of being one of the finest in Indian handlooms. Check out their new range of extra fine brocade weaving sarees in vibrant colors combined with golden zari. A quality product that should serve well this Diwali!

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  • Bandhani sarees

A fine range of the ever-thrilling white dotted dances of the Bandhani on color expanses with a golden zari border in tow! An experiment that has brought cheer to whosoever has seen it!  If you are even slightly aware of the Bandhani or want to know more, this range is definitely for you.

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  • Pattu sarees

No festival season can overlook this range of fine fabrics – the pure Pattu silks. Exclusive, dedicated offerings, each product has had a lot of dedicated time-consuming effort gone into its making. And of course you cannot miss out on exploring this range to the full for this Diwali.

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  • Patachitra sarees

Natural colors in traditional style of painting with the crudest of tools even in this modern age, yet the flawless depiction on the fine Tussar Silks of religious themes, scenes from the epics are what the Patachitra is all about. ‘Pata’ means cloth and ‘Chitra’ means image or picture and that is once again available in the new mesmeric range of Patachitra sarees that adorn the display range. If you were to see the sharp detailed imagery on the smooth Tussar Silks, you would understand why it needs not one but several looks.

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Diwali has always been a special celebratory event filled occasion every year and this year too one waits eagerly for the actual day to come by. But before that come the plans for how best every moment of the five days can be enjoyed to one’s content.  Food and fun can always be taken care of close to the event.

It’s the purchase of new fabrics that would take up one’s time. Why not take these suggestions, pay a visit to Unnati Silks and order your stuff for it to arrive in time for you?


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