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Article: The art of dressing right

The art of dressing right

The art of dressing right

09062014ls-art-of-dressing-right- (10)There is no end to fashion tips that can help some woman or the other stand out better in the small circles that she frequents. So while the tips are general and seemingly applicable to the socialite or woman of fashion, they are also worth the time to ponder about by the lesser style conscious and average woman of today’s society.
Choose carefully when you wear white.
-          The colour white is always a good choice for most women. White brightens, enhances appeal and goes well with any other colour. However wearing white or very light colours can sometimes be revealing more than necessary in broad daylight. It would always be safe to check out in a 09062014ls-art-of-dressing-right- (4)bright setting before selecting if the material is sheer or translucent, to avoid unwanted situations later.
Be the eye-catcher with colourful stripes.
-          Now stripes have always fascinated and give a classy look in certain combinations. Check out the ones that do and enjoy the attention. The most 09062014ls-art-of-dressing-right- (9)popular one since time immemorial has been the zebra stripes, but there are definitely other combinations you can try out.
Sarcasm instead of compliment?
-          Nothing hurts more when you have donned a dress that deserves praise for its appeal and you get a smirking smile and reference to the accompanying hardware. Fasteners like buttons are 09062014ls-art-of-dressing-right- (2)very important to a dress since they catch the onlooker’s eyes. A seemingly royal dress could be let down by plain or cheap looking buttons that catch the immediate attention to invite comment. Confide in a boutique your need to get the right match and surely you should get the help.
The Outer is what people see.
-          What people see on the outer make them respond likewise. A good and exciting jacket or coat could easily hide an ordinary dress that would have little chance of being visible. Keeps you safe and also in the limelight
09062014ls-art-of-dressing-right- (3)The womanly appeal through leopard prints.
-          The leopard print on any piece of apparel sets pulses racing and is timeless as far as style is concerned. It has always been a hit with the fashion crowd for the glamorous and sensual look it affords. Caution – Don’t wear if you cannot handle the attention.
Striking the Right Chord.
-          Dressing the ‘right’ way to be accepted socially takes practice. The combination of patterns, colours and selecting the right motifs or designs to appeal could be worrying sometimes. A safe bet could be to wear a mix of two designs that sport the same colours or have something combining the same motif in large and small.
Matching and contrast – big draws on the fashion circuit  
-          When pairing, matches and contrasts play a big role. A subdued colour with a bright hue like yellow would not be wrong, Be a stylish supermodelbut if a deep colour were to paired with black it could seem to be out of place. Two close colours with very little difference in shades could brighten up the air like coral and orange.
Accessories help too!
-          Stunning dresses that are eye catchers should be matched with exquisite accessories to continue the show-stopping theme. A stunning gown with perfect 09062014ls-art-of-dressing-right- (1)earrings to match, a neon saree with a neon handbag or a designer saree with a close coloured bracelet are attention grabbers that say a lot about dressing sense.
Pumps are fashion and necessary at times.
-          When it comes to matching footwear that has to go well with the dress, there is nothing better than nude pumps that match the skin tone to quickly resolve the issue. While it may not be the best choice at least it gets one moving and noticed. They also accentuate the lengthy look of the legs. A hit for social evenings.
While you may not be the most desirable woman in the party always, you definitely can make a mark in your social circles for always being tastefully dressed. And who knows, you could collect a gathering of your own, ever seeking out those valuable tips you dish out so generously, to help them on their way to grace and gorgeousness.

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