7 Natural ways to get those Angelina Jolie style Pink Lips

Herbal home made recipes for naturally pink lips fastLips are the calling card of a healthy looking face. Full, rounded and pink; every damsel’s desire, an added attraction to a beautiful face, that easily gets the attention without asking for it. Sadly many start with light to healthy pink in their childhood but by the time they reach adulthood, the errant lifestyles would have got the better of them. Full maybe, but dry, irritated, chapped and itching, the dark lips are but the despair of many who could be paying scant attention to them in their teens. Caffeinated drinks like tea and coffee, tobacco from chewing or smoking, low water consumption help in the damage but are also aided by bad habits like licking the lips, applying strong dark shades of lipstick, moving in the sun without protection, allowing the lips to dry often.
Lost case or end of the road?Too Sad Not at all!! 
Here are simple but effective ways to get back the luscious pink, the lost pride. Al it requires is the simple resolve to get the pink back, follow the prescribed regimen and await the slow but sure results.
1. Take a spoonful of almond oil and a spoonful of honey.240614-ls-how-to-get-pink-lips-naturally-home-made-receipes (6)
Mix them well, apply on lips by slowly massaging onto them.
Wait for half an hour then wash away with water.
Repeat every day.
Herbal home made recipes for naturally pink lips fast 2.Crush some fresh rose petals into a paste. Take a spoonful of milk cream and a spoonful of honey.
You can even put a drop or two of glycerine to it. Apply the mix gently on the lips. Leave for about half an hour.
Wash with milk and then with water.
Gently scrub the lips to help remove the dead cells.

3. Take a pinch of turmeric powder. 240614-ls-how-to-get-pink-lips-naturally-home-made-receipes (10)
Add a spoonful of lemon juice. Mix well.
Leave for about fifteen to twenty minutes.
Herbal home made recipes for naturally pink lips fastWash away with water.
Gently remove the dead cells by brushing the lips.
4. Crushed pomegranate seeds mixed with milk cream and applied on the lips, is supposed to be the ultimate.
Fuller, pink to reddish lips, arousing envy in the females, admiration in the males.
5. Cucumber juice can be applied on the lips by gently scrubbing the lips with the cucumber piece for five minutes.Herbal home made recipes for naturally pink lips fast
6. Nature has given colourful vegetables like the beetroot and carrot. Blend in a mixer, get the juice in a bowl. A pinch of saffron would be a big help. Soak a cotton wad in the juice, dab the lips and leave for some time to moisturize it. Daily done, it lightens the colour, brings back the fullness and the pink to the lips.
Herbal home made recipes for naturally pink lips fast7. Why throw away the peel after removing the eating portion of the orange fruit? use it to lightly scrub the lips. Said to lighten dark despairs sure enough.
These are the cures to be applied to undo the damage. But how does one retain the pinkish hue after that?

Herbal home made recipes for naturally pink lips fast

  • Reduce the intake of tea and coffee. Get going with lots of water and fresh juices.
  • Remove make-up before retiring for the night. Apply a thin film of cold milk cream and almond paste on the lips and leave it for the night.
  • Use a lip balm every now and then to keep the lips moist. Move outdoors in the sun only with lip balm of SP15 or higher.
  • Take a little fuller’s earth, mix with honey. Put the paste on lips for some time and wash away gently. Repeat this twice a week.
  • Do not lick your lips every now and then.
While a lot more could be added by the self help experts these are the tried and proven methods that definitely give hope and assurance that the day is not far enough when the dark blots shall lighten and give way to full rounded luscious lips of pink that once made you engage the mirror more than necessary.