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Article: Aim.Smile.Shoot - Mantra for Perfect Selfie

Aim.Smile.Shoot - Mantra for Perfect Selfie
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Aim.Smile.Shoot - Mantra for Perfect Selfie

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Aim! Smile! Shoot!
Image taken – ‘by the self, of the self and for the satisfaction of the self’, the ‘selfie’ has captured the imagination of men and women alike in most parts of the world with many a being succumbing to making a constant habit of it.
Digital camera or camera phone in hand, one stretches the holding hand farthest from the body, aims at oneself and clicks to get a snapshot of self and whatever else that fits in the angle of the lens.
While its roots go back to the turn of the century, the craze of ‘the daily dose’ has taken hold just a couple of years back with females in the age group of 18-24 leading the way. Initially in Australia, US and Canada, now it is a worldwide experience.
While most ‘selfie’ clickers occasionally click, download and share on social media sites, there are some who have made it their favourite pastime.
Striking crazy poses, exploring distances and angles they stop short at nothing till they are satisfied that the world would see their frozen frames in an admiring way.
Downloaded to computer media, ‘selfies’ are stored to be sent to relatives, friends and all those unsuspecting recipients via mediaphones and email or posted on social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.
It has reached new numbers of significance thanks to the improvement in technology which allows for swivel facility on the mobile, sufficient lighting to ensure good ‘selfie’ snaps, optical enhancements like special zoom, lenses to obtain clear sharp images and most recently the facility for an underwater selfie. The digital camera has gone several  steps further to include touch sensitive types that click with a simple tap, Bluetooth remote control for clicking, wide angle front lens for sharp pictures and voice command picture clicking to make the snaps seem so very ‘picture perfect’.
So what is left for a ‘selfie’ clicker to do? Well he or she can be mentally self-ready for a good ‘selfie’ shoot.
There are three aspects to be taken care of if the ‘selfie’ has to look ‘natural’ and not ‘doctored’.
1)      A background in mind is a must for taking advantage of those sudden ‘selfie’ shoots.
  • Light is an important aspect and natural sunlight is best recommended. If too bright , it can be diffused by soft curtains for pleasant hued snaps and well formed images.
  • Indoor shoots are good provided the light is sufficient, mostly non-fluorescent (to retain the natural colours of objects).
  • Flowering plants and vines, with green lush grass would be ideal but anything natural as backdrop always comes out pleasing.
  • Good art objects, clean mantelpieces, uncluttered backgrounds do well for good snaps.
2)      One should be ‘pose-ready’ mentally.
  • If there is something new to focus on then the ‘selfie’ must concentrate on that feature. Maybe new shirt, designer tie, or even a new smile learnt, could be highlighted.
  • A struggle to get the expression right becomes visibly obvious and could give rise to snide remarks and pitying glances when viewed. The Look should be natural.
  • Some facial expressions jell with everybody and are appropriate to most themes or subjects. A slowly spreading smile or cheery expression when looking ahead, is a heart warmer and is contagious even to the viewer.
  •  There must be room for surprises like when somebody breaks through midway of a selfie. A retake would be fine after the ‘obstruction is removed’.
  • If including someone in the selfie, both should be close to each other and in unison over everything.
3)      Uploading and managing the selfies.
  • After the image has been captured in several poses and against various backdrops with varying expressions, it should be saved in a folder for future use.
  •  One can segregate images according to the type of people to be sent to – the honest and candid ones for the very near and dear, the fairly good ones for friends and relatives and the special ones where one seeks to draw some attention for the earmarked types.
  • Nowadays with software readily available for making drastic corrections one can chop and chew within the frames and get better outputs for admiration and showing off  ‘selfie’ skills.
  • Geting obsessed with sending ‘selfies’ to every ‘nook and corner’ is a disease. There is an unwritten but accepted healthy limit for ‘selfies’ on social networks in the ratio of one ‘selfie’ to every nine of other photos. Keeps a healthy balance and wins respect.
‘Selfie’ is a spur of the moment project. It includes however responsibility and sensitivity to avoid when the ‘atmosphere’ is not right, especially when somebody has had a personal loss, of any kind.
So if you are now a ‘selfie’ pro, get ready and take hold of opportunities that come your way.
Let the world ‘know who you are’ as you would want them to know you.   

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