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Article: The incredible victory of our PM-in-waiting – Mr.Narendra Modi

The incredible victory of our PM-in-waiting – Mr.Narendra Modi
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The incredible victory of our PM-in-waiting – Mr.Narendra Modi

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May 16th 2014, came after an agonizing wait for millions who were eager to know the fate of the country after such a keenly fought, long and tiring election campaign of all political parties in the fray. With no stone left unturned by way of whirlwind tours, hectic speeches, sloganeering and getting crores of Indian voters who were to decide their fate, it was finally over. The massive media coverage of the trading insults, vituperative utterances, poll promises, and all sorts of gimmicks showed the desperation of the stakeholders to power, in the Lok Sabha elections 2014.
The electorate made its presence felt with a record 66.2 % voter turnout and the rest is before us.
BJP – 282, NDA – 334, Congress – 44 , UPA – 60, Other parties -144  was the final tally.
A heartening result beyond the wildest dreams of the elected and electing. Incredible!
-          Because after a very long time a single party (BJP) has come to power on its own and with its long term allies their strength is formidable. Thanks to the charisma of a man called Narendra Modi, the battle was ultimately won by such a huge margin despite the obstacles and hurdles of Indian politics.
-          No longer would a government have to toe into unreasonable demands made by the other parties that would join it to remain in power, in keeping with the trending coalition politics that was in existence for a very long time.
-          Never before had an incumbent government suffered so devastating a defeat as this time
-          Never in the history of elections was the pitch raised to such heights, the image bashing so ferocious, the mudslinging so thick and dirty, the stakes so coveted and the voter so desperately wooed, that it threatened to vitiate the atmosphere of elections to yield undesirable outcomes. Yet the desired happened. The government at the centre will indeed be a stable one of the like-minded and tolerant.
History has indeed been created and most of the credit goes to the miracle man Modi, who despite being attacked from all sides emerged a true winner of sorts.

Could the win be put down to a mere fortuitous change of events for the man and his party, as some would have believe or was there a deeper game plan that was planned and executed with finesse and timing. Let’s explore.
-          Modi was known as a chief minister. But his projection as a Prime Ministerial candidate was made only when Rajnath Singh, the party president chose to declare it openly and decisively about six months back.
Could the RSS, the ideological wing of the BJP have the plot in mind  much earlier to see a forceful candidate who could change the fortunes of the beleaguered party that had to remain content as opposition and could be made to wait even more before it came to power at the centre.
Taking Rajnath Singh into confidence they could have spelled their likely choice of a rank outsider to the BJP politburo since there was no credible leader to ‘lead’ in the BJP. Naturally a Sangh follower who had the credentials as an able ruling chief minister and who had won thrice was their narrowed-down choice.
Or Rajnath Singh himself could have understood the import of the now-or-never situation which threatened five more years for the BJP to remain outside of the government, if they lost. Either way the die was cast to have Modi as Prime Ministerial candidate.
The Sangh had done the spade work and the declaration was made by Rajnath Singh at an opportune time to make him seem like a ‘find’ than a person ‘decided upon’.
The agenda was clear. Get the rank and file of the BJP to quickly spread the uniform message of a stable government, development, women’s security and eradication of corruption among the masses. This would be drummed in day and night with a catchy slogan like ‘ab ki baar Modi sarkaar’ which became an anthem and did pay off.
-          Modi a shrewd politician of so many years had a good track record of three times successively as Chief Minister in Gujarat so he had the credibility of a mass leader that people across India sought to deliver them from the bad days that plagued India. People from all walks of life were literally fed up with the cliché-mouthing non delivering ministers of the ruling party, the endless scams of corruption that surfaced, the more hard-hitting issues of inflation and price rise and a total chaotic situation that seemed to lack solutions. Women did not feel safe, anarchy was rampant, unemployment was on the rise and the youth which thought that Rahul Gandhi as a youth icon would do something positive for the country was disillusioned to see him as more reluctant to join and comment from the sidelines than lead from the front. This also served to see the NDA and BJP with Modi leading as a viable alternative.
-          Industry welcomed the idea of a leader who understood development. In fact the stock market buoyancy and the subsequent record indices at the BSE and NSE in the last two weeks are a clear indicator of how badly the industry was hit. Despite having a finance minister of vast experience and a world –renowned economist as prime minister, nothing seemed to go right with the previous government. Clearances were too slow in coming or files were obstructed at various quarters for the flimsiest of reasons. The economic slowdown of the world need not have been felt so acutely if things had moved within and timely was the reasoning of industrial bodies especially since India had ‘strong fundamentals’. To add to the misery, poor infrastructure, import curbs, power shortage and a host of other glaring problems were not at all addressed.
-          Modi had well understood the situation. If you directly pinpoint the weakness of others you are not achieving much. Instead if you project the strengths and outline the existing possibilities of a vibrant India replete with a golden period of development, employment,  women empowerment and corruption-free environment and demonstrate an achieved model, which he had done through his state, the battle could be won. Only one must harp consistently along the same line everywhere for the message to be imbibed universally.
This was his ace against his political opponents who became obsessed with the refrain of 2002 riots in Gujarat that they said little else. For a population consisting mainly of youth this was disgusting against the backdrop of rising crimes against women, unemployment, rising prices not being touched upon and with nothing for the cribbing leaders to show as a positive.
-          And Modi had TTM to help him at all stages of his campaign. Team, Technology and Media. The team - which had his loyalists from yester years whom he always banks upon for his planning, strategizing and campaigning despite making his own decisions. The technology – that gave him the brilliant opportunity to use Tweets on Twitter to convey short messages and personal thoughts that  became popular world-wide and which many believe did influence the younger generation tech-savvy crowd to believe that he was the one who could relate to them and their woes. The media – that he used so nicely that his message reached most households in the country, expressed himself effectively through well-rehearsed statements and measured delivery coupled with a body language that exuded confidence and courage to take on the worst of situations and come out a winner. For the beleaguered masses and eager for some miracle he seemed like a messiah come to deliver.
The results of May16th, 2014 said it all.                  

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