If only elections 2014 would throw up a miracle of single party rule

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The BJP must win and with a comfortable majority!
It is not a wish due to any love for the party nor any allegiance owed to anybody within it. It is a plain statement that comes from simple reasoning that it is high time a single party rule came back to focus.
If what has plagued the country in recent times, especially in the UPA-2 tenure it is the lack of governance due to a number of reasons, prime being the lack of a single will to get things done.
Price rise of commodities, continual fuel hikes, issues concerning violence against women, the Lokpal bill and a whole lot of critical issues at stake, yet not a unified voice to get things done. Not to mention the innumerable protests and walk-outs at the slightest pretext making it a session of earning without performance at the cost of the public exchequer.
Yes! It may rightly be argued that the BJP was at the helm of such interruptions and why do I wish that. True, that the party did fp250414bjp (5)involve itself in such lowly fashion.
But the scams within the ruling government, the blatant disregard to procedure, the sickening state of women’s safety in the national capital, the blind eye to non-UPA ruled states when it came to solving problems and a host of other anomalies including that monster corruption, that were visible to the eye and in full media glare, did not get the attention it deserved, let alone desired.
This in no way mitigates the BJP’s actions causing tremendous loss of man-hours and lowering the dignity of a prestigious institution like parliament. But for argument’s sake, put any party in its place and ask it to rebel against the same situation differently. It just cannot. Without the requisite majority to have even a forum for discussion to be called without the coaxing and cajoling of its allies and totally at the mercy of a ruling party that never failed to rub it the wrong way, this is the least that a party can do to vent its frustration, constitutionally.
This is what I am highlighting.
The single largest party of the UPA while it could thwart the moves of the NDA with the help of its allies, could do nothing when it came to getting important landmark bills like the women’s reservation bill, the Food reservation bill, Lokpal bill and other such, passed without closed door or other tacit understanding, merely because if it had the will it could not have its way, and maintaining the floor majority was at stake at all times.
fp250414bjp (1)So the ground reality is that if there be a single party in majority and forms on its own or with other parties supporting it, the government formed would have strength, a will, vibrancy, and a resolve for getting things done. At least be it this way or that, things would take shape, a new hope would surge and predictability of outcomes would put the country’s destiny on better rails.
A subject for long debate on the pros and cons of single party rule, history has always showcased the outcomes as more favourable and for the moment we shall accept it.
UPA 1 and 2 spanning over a decade with the Congress ruling at the centre, have shown the depths to which misrule can plunge a country’s fate. Scams, more scams, corruption at all levels, the economy never really looking up at any stage despite the juggled figures. Women’s issues were put on the backburner even while there was a rampant disregard for the law and enforcing agencies, who either became mere spectators or colluders when it came to crimes against women. So a Congress is a clear no! no! this time and the party itself senses the mood of the country.
The AAP or Aam Aadmi party has nothing by way of past performance to show nor can it be commented upon. This nameless entity has yet to gain ground in the political arena and acquire a notable face that the electorate can relate to, and while the popularity of the erstwhile ex-CM of Delhi Kejriwal, who showed the ‘power of a common man’ in his 49-day stint, it remains to be seen what this election will be like for the AAP. The voters would like to go for AAP later maybe, not right now and with so much at stake.
The third front has lost its credibility and the myth has exploded. There never was a third front or a strong alternative to the Congress and BJP at any time. So too this time! Even otherwise the internal squabbles and total dis-orientation over an agenda that can be put up as common ground to woo the electorate is sadly missing.
That leaves the BJP alone.
So should the BJP come back to power with a thumping majority due to the prevalent NaMo wave, at least the much-awaited single party rule could become a reality and the coming days could at least see some stability and decisiveness in the government’s working, augur rejuvenated times for the country, and put India on a firm footing in world politics as well.