Pepper Spray - Learn the New usage from Indian Parliament

Pepper Spray – A new use discovered.
The recent sprinkling of Pepper Spray in the air, by Congress MP L.Rajagopalan in Parliament, when the Telengana Bill was being tabled by the Speaker for vote, has come as a huge surprise even to the makers of this effective weapon.
The uses of, blinding to help one escape from muggers or molesters, by women on lonely streets is well-known. Lesser known is the use to escape from attacks of stray dogs. But using the same for changing the tone and tenor of serious business being conducted in an august institution such as Parliament, takes the cake. It seems the Indian counterparts of the manufacturers of this international self defense weapon have been asked to how such a brilliant use and the possibilities that it opens up, not occurred in-house.

The effect of this spraying had the instant effect of paralyzing the proceedings pronto.
- L.Rajagopalan himself a victim to the spraying, accompanied several others to the hospital, after being helped out by the marshalls from Parliament House.
- Some other minister broke a mike in the ‘hot atmosphere’ that prevailed for some time while an enthusiast even attempted snatching of the Telangana Bill from the Speaker’s hands unsuccessfully.
- The House adjourned for the day, while all around people stood tongue-tied in disbelief.
- Ultimately the seemingly hopeless case of stalling proceedings or preventing the passage of the Telangana Bill that looked remote, got a new lease of life.
Parliament proceedings from UPA-1 days has seen turbulence surface almost daily with hot words being exchanged, an occasion or two of manhandling, walk-outs for days on end and other variants for causing disturbance to halt proceedings leading to crores of rupees loss to the exchequer.
Each time there is something new that renews the faith that there are new depths to be uncovered by these lawmakers sent to decide the fate of the country by the citizens of India.
After this low that can only be termed as crude and barbaric, one wonders when the new low would be discovered.
After all, is that not what we all send them there, for?