The beauty of potholes on the road!!

If you are a regular user of roads either on your two-wheeler or four-wheeler I’m sure the potholes that are part of a wonderful design, would definitely catch your fancy.
Never in a line, and better than speed breakers in slowing you down, you need all your maneuvering skills in getting round them safely and without the sudden sink of the rear wheel into one of them with a thud and shaking up your teeth.
I have personally been counting the number of times that I have traversed the road in one swift smooth motion without a single pothole getting the better of me.
Based on how much it can shake you up we can split them into the following types:
1 ) The small round one which is just enough to fit one of the wheels of a small two-wheeler like the scooter and not posing a problem for bigger wheel diameter vehicles like the motor cycle.
2) The slightly bigger one which comfortably upsets the rhythm and unbalances the mobike driver. Surprisingly scooterists love this because it upsets the mobike rider and allows them to pass and get ahead of them comfortably as their vehicle has much smaller wheels and comfortably goes down and comes out without a fuss.
3) The intermediate one which upsets both. Worse still it is a nightmare for the motorist who is following, not knowing which side he can expect the jolt.
4) The three wheeler pothole set is the best. It tests the skill of the driver to the maximum in getting it across two or three holes strategically placed to test whether he could get by without any of the wheels sinking in and causing a tilt with a jolt. Worse, if any of the wheels were to get stuck, the driver would be the cynosure of all berating eyes and curses.
Would this be the luxury of driving only be available on interior roads and that too for only a portion of the length?
Not a chance. With potholes increasing in popularity with every subsequent monsoon, even main roads are competing. What would once be decorating a certain spot this year could be overshadowed by better ones the following year. Existing ones could bide their time till their diameters widened or they flowered into a new free- hand shape to stay in the competition.
Stretches of pothole marked areas and plain areas alternate over the length or the entire length could be devoted to the former. If by mistake some misguided soul undertook to take his allotted job seriously, the very existence of these potholes would be threatened.
How do we benefit from pothole populated roads you ask?
  • Well, to start with it hones our concentration and controlling skills in veering at various angles, pulling up sharply behind somebody ahead and having the one behind you to do the same in continued succession over the reasonably long stretch.
  • There is bonhomie or joyful sharing of skills in observation of the one ahead and following suit, like your follower would also be doing.
  • Impartiality exists with all having to go through the test. So based on how others fare we get to find out the experts with good updating and understanding on the subject and emulate them.
  • The test in monsoons is a little rigorous with nothing seen on the surface, but this improves the anticipation to such an extent that one can wade through life’s twists and turns with ease.
  • Repeated successes in getting through with minimum shake-ups, bolster the confidence and improve the morale.
So what if some fool lost his balance and made a mockery of himself or suffered pain from physical injuries inflicted? He should have practiced more in his spare time on simulated stretches in his neighborhood.
So what if the traffic snarls are increasing with each passing day? How else can a nation like ours practise the great Indian qualities of understanding, co-operation, tolerance, faith and hope that we profess to have in our unfailing systems?
Should we not be asking for more of such trials in other areas to improve in the various spheres of our lives?
With such elevation in our psyche should we not be making a clamor for more of such potholed roads in the future?