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Article: The readymade saree – a boon to the unfamiliar or those wanting to look good in a hurry

The readymade saree – a boon to the unfamiliar or those wanting to look good in a hurry

The readymade saree – a boon to the unfamiliar or those wanting to look good in a hurry

This is a fast age where people do not have much time to mull over things. For Indian women, especially those wearing the saree for some grand event like a function, wedding or formal party, one of the most tiresome jobs is getting decked up. Worse still if it be a saree that has to be managed like an expert, without one becoming the victim of an unfortunate mishap or wardrobe malfunction.

So in recent years when the readymade saree entered the market, scores of women jumped to the idea of trying it out to check out how much time it would save for them without sacrificing the look that they wanted to portray or how ‘safe’ was it to try out at important events in one’s life.

 Those familiar with the Bollywood heroines romping around trees or getting into positions fraught with risk of the saree position going astray, would now realize that a lot of preparation went into seeing that everything seemed in place, plus they have the luxury of takes and retakes to maintain what they wore. Real life situations so unlike reel life does not offer this respite, so all the more reason for the readymade saree to be celebrated for making life easier.

How does the readymade saree help?

It is believed that foreigners liking to wear the saree and wishing to include it in their wardrobe, chose to make it more convenient for themselves to wear it like a native, looking at ease and yet not being in constant dread of the saree coming undone.  This especially would help those having to display that on the ramp as well where sarees needed to be changed very fast and everything proper and in place.

So what was done?

One just had to get into the skirt that is made of the underskirt or the inner petticoat and then the layers of cloth that is the body of the saree, simply drapes around you, and that is the portion that is stitched on to the inner skirt. It has zipper fasteners and can be worn in exactly 30 seconds flat! It has zipper fasteners and can be worn in less than a minute flat once you get the hang of it.

How did this achieve the desired objective?

The Indian woman in general, with years and years of wearing daily or most times, becomes an expert. She may not feel the need of the readymade saree. But those very new to it like college students, foreigners loving the saree look, or those wishing to flaunt their saree skills would definitely love the concept of the readymade saree. All they would have to do is a few things in dressing up and they would be ready to face the world.  Getting the pre-stitched sarees of their choice would be the only thing needed to be equal to the task of ‘getting ready’.

What is a pre-stitched saree?

You have the underskirt or the saree petticoat. The pre-stitched saree comes in a number of varieties that literally has you wondering. The pre-stitched saree has nothing to worry about by way of knowing how to tuck, where all to pin, pleating and the many other things required for the conventional saree wearer to bear in mind and yet having the fear that something could go wrong. Everything is pinned or stitched beforehand, right down to the pleats (if you need it that way) or the hanging pallu if you prefer.  There are zips at the appropriate places that just have to be pulled up. What have you to do? Simply lead yourself into the petticoat and everything seems in place.

On the flip side, women bored of conventional draping have also taken to the idea of getting themselves into the ready made saree and forgetting the worry of how they would be looking.

The pre-stitched saree has a lot of things in its favour.

  • With so many varieties one can forget about not getting your choice to wear.
  • As time goes by, there have been additions to make pre-stitched sarees so very user-friendly so that they become easier than ever for daily wear and the working woman.
  • The ‘earlier fear’ has been replaced by confidence and seeking opportunities to wear the readymade saree to “show-off”.
  • The bulky women can rest their fears that their midriff portion would be giving them away. The pleats do not require to be tucked.
  • Now the most challenging of sarees like the shimmer and shiny slippery types are welcomed just to show that it can be done with ease.
  • Indian women away from home and overseas wishing to wear the saree, if not already initiated and not getting somebody to help would be free of the fear of wearing the saree to parties etc.

Is wearing the pre-stitched saree enough?

While you wear the pre-stitched saree, doing that little extra could make you the ‘talk of the moment’.

  • Choose a matching blouse for the pre-stitched saree that you are going to flaunt. Material like georgette, chiffon, net and other handloom silks would do very nicely.
  • The petticoat for the saree being taken care of already, all you have to do so is wearing the saree at the right height. It is suggested that you wear the saree after wearing the heels or footwear you are going to sport to get the correct height for the saree.
  • The pre-stitched saree allows you the luxury of doing the pallu the way you want to. The custom-fit of the saree relies on the customization that extends to whether you want the pleats or wish to have the pallu in the front. This allows you the latitude not afforded in the conventional wearing of the saree, allowing the blouse to appear prominently to the extent you wish by deciding how you wish to drape your pallu.
  • And how would you want the blouse to be shaped? Some prefer to have corsets, others like jackets and peplums while a third may prefer frills. It is your choice how much of an oomph factor you wish to create for yourself.
  • And of course the saree-gown. Considered one of the most bewitching of all it is one of the most preferred of the ready to wear saree.
  • So popular has the readymade saree become with many sections of the fashion world that designers have seen it as a new line of clothing for their prestigious clientele to try out in different varieties . Not that the general public would not like to try and see how they look as well.

Unnati Silks and its varieties

Unnati Silks has been associated with almost all handloom varieties that are popular in India. From exotic Ikat on Pochampally cotton & silk to exclusive Kanchipuram silk and cotton sarees. From the fascinating Bandhani and Leheria Bandhej to the traditionally crafted Bagru and Dabu prints. The Kerala Kasavus to the imagery of the Patachitra.  The Kota sarees to the Andhra handlooms. The list is long and lovely.

Unnati Silks is already in the process of going for its new range of pre-stitched sarees with such varieties in the near future.

The concept is novel, the appeal, tremendous. Pre-stitched sarees are now going to be very much a part of the fare that shall be displayed in popular offerings, and gone for especially by the females who would like to look very much feminine and comely in an attire that from the traditional times of centuries past has refused to become ‘old hat’.


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