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Article: Mangalagiri Salwar kameez- it is time you spruced up your life

Mangalagiri Salwar kameez- it is time you spruced up your life

Mangalagiri Salwar kameez- it is time you spruced up your life

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]For those accustomed to wearing a saree and wanting a change, nothing like a salwar kameez for the easy substitute and which is accepted universally as the alternative to the saree for any occasion. In fact with it being a three piece attire, it becomes even more interesting to mix and match with salwar, kameez and dupatta. No wonder the traditional dress has taken the fashion world by storm and achieved the status of a style statement.
The Salwar kameez or salwar suit, with covering piece dupatta or chunni, is worn in India and a few neighbouring countries in the Asian sub-continent. Traditional dress it is in the Northern belt and in parts of the Indian subcontinent like Pakistan and Afghanistan. But over time it has been favoured as stylish fashion apparel so much so that across India and in many countries with Indian population like US, UK, Canada etc., it is the accepted alternative for the versatile Indian saree.
The Salwar suit has evolved from a traditional dress to become very much stylish wear. In vivid, vibrant colours, exquisite designs and a lot of other adornments, it has been a favourite along with the saree for Indian fashion designers to experiment upon.

The Mangalagiri salwar suit
Mangalagiri Handloom salwar kameez are crisp-finish fabrics of cotton, cotton-silk or mercerized cotton, known for their fine count quality weaves and therefore fine handloom cottons of smooth texture.  Though you have low counts or the coarse variety, most Mangalagiri fabrics have high counts of 80-80 with good finish.
The handloom sarees are known for their even look quality and so the line of salwar kameez from Mangalagiri fabrics have a luster and feel of high quality.  Being soft and comfortable with good absorption, they serve as comfort fabrics during hot-weather conditions.
The texture of the Mangalagiri fabric is good for absorbing any sort of color, be it natural, eco-friendly or synthetic. Over and above that there is very good scope for traditional printing processes like the Bagru, Dabu, Bagh or craft processes like Bandhani, Leheria, Shibori, Batik, or exquisite embroidery  in simple thread, zari or any other form of adornment. What then to say of the modern-day digital prints?
There is an  eye-catching appeal of the Mangalagiri handloom salwar kameez.

  • Heavy gold thread or zari borders, traditional Nizam designs, and simple mono-striped or multi-colour striped dupattas adorn the fabric.
  • Various motifs like leaf, mango, parrot, gold coin, add to the appeal of the cotton kameez.
  • Printing work and embroidery designs on the mangalagiri cotton salwar suit make them more elegant.
  • There are some features unique to a Mangalgiri handloom Punjabi suit.
The soft and comfortable all-season fabric generally does not have designs on the body.
It is also known for not having gaps in its weave.
Count is an indication of the fineness of a handloom weave. Counts range from 40 (coarse) to 120 (super fine), with the normal count of 80 – 80 being used for soft woven fabric.

Unnati Silks and its new range of Mangalagiri salwar suits
Associated with handlooms and handloom weavers from 1980, there is an understanding and bonding with Mangalagiri weavers also which has helped bring out salwar suit offerings that have enamoured the market.  What has helped the process is :

  • The good craftsmanship of Mangalagiri weavers and the ability to understand the taste of the market. Hence they have designs they feel that could attract customers. Unnati Silks helps them to understand the pulse of the market better and narrow down sure winners.
  • There is a healthy capacity of the weavers to experiment. Initially zari was only used for lining the borders. Today it not only adorns borders but engages motifs and designs as well. Unnati with its printing units is able to blend their designs with prints that come out as unique offerings.
  • There is a willingness and enthusiasm to experiment. Unnati guides the weavers it is in touch with through market research and customer perceptions.
  • Mangalgiri cotton is available in a breathtaking array of colours. It is available as plain fabric, shot cotton, stripes, checks and special weaves. Almost everything is woven on the handlooms
  • The GI label for Mangalagiri weaves since 2013.
To elaborate on this we present a new range of Mangalagiri salwar suits for your viewing pleasure and purchase.

A small sample of the range that we have for you in Mangalagiri salwar suits! What stands out is the innate understanding of color, the devoted workmanship and the choice of designs that the weaver has has been able to bring out through his offerings that simply thrill the senses. Wouldn’t you like to buy the lot?[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column width="1/2"][vc_btn title="SHOP NOW" color="warning" link="||target:%20_blank|"][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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