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Article: Stylish Fashion Ideas for the Indian Female to try out

Stylish Fashion Ideas for the Indian Female to try out

Stylish Fashion Ideas for the Indian Female to try out


True isn’t it? Fashion is a distinctive and often constant trend in the style in which people present themselves. Others term it as expressing your identity, showing someone who you are through your choices in clothing, footwear, lifestyle, accessories, make-up, hairstyle or what so ever. The choices people make tell others who view them, something about what they are. Fashion to some even means, the art of transforming a simple piece of attire into one of elegance through the manner of wearing.

The word ‘Fashion’ is so liked by most that the mere mention of the word perks up people’s interest in the thing about which it is mentioned.

So when it is about fashion, India is quite rich in textile tradition with almost all regions having something novel to showcase their individuality and with the plethora of costumes and attires that have grown from traditional to trendy and a whole lot of western wear that has become very much part of the choices of the urban Indian, it constitutes a vast treasure trove appropriate for a fashion mix.

Based upon different choices in wear that have been noticed, we present an interesting list of mix and match that you could venture to try out.

  • Pairing the kurti with a denim

The Indian kurti has always seemed chic and stylish, cool and comfy on the female form. Put it on its western companion – the colorful denim, and what do you get?   A smashing combination that spells comfort and style that many would like to copy. The kurti could be any – slit, long, or any other type, but what matters is the choice of colors of the kurti and the denim to match perfectly.

Tip : Kurti is an example. Any other top like a half saree over the denim that looks good on you would also do fine.

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  • Boho Printed Palazzo Pants

Anything that is bohemian attracts attention, but we don’t want to attract too much attention by wearing a bohemian top do we? Instead get the right looks with a bohemian printed bottom like a floral color palette or a horizontal stripes design decorated palazzo pants with the right flare. The top could be a simple nicely colored shirt, sweat shirt or T shirt or any such top that would nicely partner the bohemian bottom.

Tip: Any age of female comfortable with this adventurous pairing would enjoy the attention. If palazzos are not your style, something with less flare but loose enough, would definitely be to your liking and also fashionable.


  • The Kurti and its combo

Nothing like the Indian tunic or kurti to keep you light and light hearted on those days of packed routine. If you are looking for the change from the usual churidar or salwar as bottom for pairing with the kurti, try something that is not so familiar, yet grabs immediate attention like the flared skirts.  The combos you could try out are printed kurti and plain accompanying bottom or vice versa.

You can make use of the Kurti in another manner. Wear it as a jacket or shrug. What is required of course is that the Kurti have a front opening like a button down jacket.

Tip:  why not see if the plain kurti and plain flared skirt in same color or matching colors gets the benefit of a nicely block printed stole to do the trick?

  • A change in jackets

You have done a lot with leather jackets and enjoyed the attention. Why not try the more colorful fabric jackets - Block printed jacket, ethnic jacket, boho jacket, embroidered jacket and many more? Soft and swanky; those not only serve the purpose of the jacket, but are also a welcome change.

Tip : Denim always appeals, why not try that as well?
  • Play with Dhoti variety

There are two changes you can make in what you wear. If skirts have been your normal choice with your tops, switch to something refreshing like a DIY(Do It Yourself) clothing.  Just lift the bottom (hem) of your skirt and tuck it in the waistband from front. You can then use it as a skirt or like a dhoti whenever you wish. You can pair it up with crop tops to make a difference.

Another option is to get a few dhotis, colorful and printed that would serve as a nice substitute for the routine salwars, churidars or the more recent palazzo pants.

Tip : The Dhoti is a nice change for those who like to seem different. Add accessories and a nice sling bag and you have it made.


  • Nothing like a dupatta to catch the attention

While the dupatta may be something that can be added to the outfit (like with the salwar kameez) or can be done without like in modern fashion, it has always seemed better to have it along. Just to prove a point why not wear it differently each time? You could dangle it in front from either shoulder, wrap around the neck and dangle behind you at the back, just use it like a scarf at the neck or any other manner which would seem to appeal.

Tip: If you are truly adventurous, try using it as a turban. I am sure eyes would pop.


  • Accompany differently with the saree to appear bold

The saree, favourite of most Indian women, generally has the conventional blouse, styled or otherwise as accompaniment. Then came the fashion divas who brought about change with their substitutes for the blouse to accompany the saree – the woman’s shirt, the kurti, the jacket and what not.

Tired of all those? Well try the crop tops if you have no qualms about exposing your belly button. A crop top by the way is a woman's casual sleeveless or short-sleeved garment for the upper body, cut short so that it reveals the stomach.

 Tip : Take a hint from Bollywood fashion fiends like Sonam Kapoor


  • Kurtas worn differently

If you are the one that gets bored with the routine and do not mind breaking the rules of tradition slightly,

Choose a lovely kurta with a lovely set of block prints or some nice floral description and forget the accompaniment that is normally used – the salwar or the pyjama. The ankle length with flare would be a beautiful long dress – a refreshing change for hot weather.

Tip : Any stylish ankle length footwear like a stylish sandal or leather boots of appropriate color would make you a hit.


  • Be Trendy with the new Co-ordinate sets

There is a new element in fashion with the designers – co-ordinate clothing. What does it mean? Co-ordinate clothing is a match that is perfect co-ordination that does not contrast at any point within its elements. And what are the elements?

1) Color - The colors of the fabrics must present a cohesive package that complement each other, not compete.

2) Pattern - Fabrics generally fall under one of two patterns – curvy or straight. In a curvy pattern, there is no set pattern, but more of a “wave” of color and design, e.g. damask. A definite pattern is one that is recognizable throughout the fabric e.g. Plaid.

3) Size – Size refers to the size of the overall pattern and not the actual width. Sizes, or the scale of fabric patterns fall under small, medium or large categories.sometimes looking at a fabric one would assume a certain pattern to be large. But when compared to some other element within the same width, it would seem smaller and would classify as medium.


And what about the jewellery and accessories to go along at different times

  • Use Waist belts that do wonders over the saree, if ornamented elevate the look over the plain outfit underneath or give that hippie look an accessory to go along. The hippie boots should not be forgotten of course.
  • Silver Jewellery like the tribal designs type, the midi rings in silver, gold, stones, band or anything, the tribal design Jhumkas, the funky nose pin and studs and of course the quirky jewellery that grab attention to go with casual outfits.
  • It is time to switch to Kolhapure chappals with so many new designs and shapes after a fairly long lull. And what about the designer Jodhpuri and Punjabi Mojdi where you find it difficult to tell left from right and do wonderfully for Indian and western clothing.
  • If you have been traditionally bound by bangles being worn on both hands, wear them on one hand for a change. The more the merrier! And what about a wide array of colours to make it interesting?
  • Gone are the days when the sense of fashion overrode discomfort. Now comfort matters equally and so you have the fabric bags – light in a myriad of colors and with designs making it difficult to choose.

Tip: What jewellery or accessory is a matter of taste and good sense. Base it upon what you are going to wear and how you feel others will perceive you likely.


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