A new range of designer Kurta Tops for you to explore from Unnati Silks


Kurtis & Kurtas are chic & stylish, working wonderfully with a host of bottom options. A welcome fabric for spells of hot weather, a comfortable and cozy covering that works equally well for the formal as well as the informal occasion.  Summer already progressing towards hotter times, it becomes all the more sought after to beat the heat, yet look cool and stylish.

New Kurta offerings from Unnati Silks

Recognizing the need for looking cool and feeling nice despite the hot weather, the new range of kurta tops in fine fabric varieties has just about created a sensation. There is an assortment of varieties.

  • You have the soft and smooth-textured cambric cottons, decorated in the stripes design in vertical pattern. Stripes in continuous arrangement in simple colors or at times in multi-color, and sometimes in a different arrangement of spaced bands, decorate the cloth.
  • Then you have the Andhra cotton fabric that provides a weave that is plain and light. Andhra handlooms are known for their simple weaves of smooth texture, soft feel, in attractive colors, vibrant but not hitting the eye. The lattice is fine for elaborate prints, but the general patterns are simple geometric or light distributed motifs with captivating borders in varied colors. There is nothing highlighted nor attention centric, yet the stitched fabric as a whole by virtue of its quiet play in colors, neither dull or pale nor very bright, attractive borders , provides elegance and allure to the wearer.
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  • Rajasthani cotton Kurti Kurtas, known for its soft and smooth texture and one that allows for a wide range of vibrant and soft colours in organic and man-made dyes, is recognized by the typical square checks that appear in self colour because of a unique method of weaving of that region. Floral designs, geometric shapes, abstract prints are all popularly chosen for the Rajasthani cotton fabric.
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  • Kanchi cotton kurti kurtas, having check patterns, attractive colour combinations, appealing motifs, elegant borders, is comfortable, appealing and preferred during summers. Particularly of note is the zari work that decorates any Kanchipuram fabric. In this range of kurtas, you have some offerings with large motifs embellishing the central portion of the kurta, there are others plain but dual colored with the distribution of the colors in the ratio of two thirds is to one third portion of the kurta with the upper portion having the major share. The lower portion could get additions like tasseled ends or light thin borders.’
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These are but examples of the range of kurtas that have already become attractive to a whole lot of customers since it was introduced.

Fabrics in pure handloom from Unnati Silks, associated with textiles since 1980, with special emphasis on Handlooms, they bear the Handloom Mark.

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