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Article: The Hyderabadi Block prints - A new avatar in Georgette

The Hyderabadi Block prints - A new avatar in Georgette

The Hyderabadi Block prints - A new avatar in Georgette


Block printing – a traditional art that traditionally evolved from the rural areas of Gujarat and Rajasthan, has reached new levels of fine printing on large canvas fabrics like the saree, thanks to the  conventional blocks that take up large areas of the continuous cloth in one go, and the marvellous wonder, the hand-block. No longer is this art restricted to the areas of origin, but spread wide and far across different parts of India. No wonder you get the taste of something new every now and then from the marvelous craft. We give you a taste of what block printing can do given ideas and a latitude to explore new horizons within the prevalent.

The characteristics of the Hyderabadi Hand Block Prints

The main body in the Hyderabadi block prints is in plain but vibrant light colored hues. This range has the golden zari in checks pattern woven all across the field. The border is adorned with hand block prints which have unconventional outlines, i.e. the outlines do not seem to exist as visible in the traditional hand block prints. The Pallu or end piece is also a continuation of the border, but with more width and print area it gives latitude for additional print shapes and additions.

What makes a significant difference is the choice of hues and color combinations of floral spreads and geometrical shapes that gives an overall vision of symmetry.

Additional things to take cognizance are: there are no visible outlines for the printed shapes as in conventional block printing yet the edges are neat. There is vibrancy in the colors used which are additionally bold, fast and durable and have been chosen so that they combine well with the golden zari patterns in the forefront.

The Hyderabadi block prints are a special variation in hand block printing, slightly different from the conventional prints in execution.

While block printing is an art of immense possibilities, its brilliance is showcased in fabrics that provide a suitable canvas to experiment. Cotton has been the most popular so far, but there are others like silk, georgette etc. that have responded well too.

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The endearing qualities of Georgette

The Georgette Saree is a light and springy crepe fabric, with a crimpy look and a slightly dull lustre. Once made only from natural silk, it is today mostly made from synthetic filament yarn. As with other crepes, Georgette Saris are plain weave fabrics, created by alternating S and Z twist yarns. Accepting a wide range of dye colours and shades, the Georgette Saree is soft, smooth, and airy, making it ideal for hot and humid weather conditions.

Available in man-made synthetic fibres widely available and comparatively cheap as compared to natural fibres as silk, Georgette Sarees possess the advantages of low moisture absorption, good stain resistance to chemicals, and are easy to wash and maintain. However since they burn easily compared to natural fibres, they are prone to heat damage.

Georgette Sarees are available in a wide range of colours and hues on account of their acceptability of most dyes. With attractive designs and accompaniments in vivid colour combinations, the Georgette Saree assumes the level of a refreshing style statement.

Hyderabadi block prints on the georgette sarees are novel and unique and it would be worth your while to explore how well it would suit you.

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