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Article: From Deepika to Sonam Kapoor – These 12 Saree Trends have dominated 2017

From Deepika to Sonam Kapoor – These 12 Saree Trends have dominated 2017
2017 trends

From Deepika to Sonam Kapoor – These 12 Saree Trends have dominated 2017

Fashion is always an interesting subject, the latest in fashion being a guide to what can be worn and considered as trendy. Bollywood heroines since long because of their various dreses and avatars that they sport on screen and in more recent times, what they sport at public events like Awards functions, Celebrity Weddings, Product launches, Event openings etc. have got included as well. The female population especially in India has irrespective of various fashion clothing being sought after on other occasions, has always preferred to be seen in various avatars of the saree.

So much so that the fashion designers have a lot going in for them simply because they become style gurus for many of the Bollywood heroines from those in the limelight to a sizeable number of the also counted. What they suggest or more likely design for these ladies are keenly followed by media persons and fashion reporters, explored, commented upon by critics and spread across the country through various forms of media as ‘Fashion News’.

Every year towards the end of the year towards November – December, the popular trends are highlighted and become versions to be sought after by style sirens and socialites not to mention hordes of crazy fans keenly following what their idols wore and how they should go about emulating them.

Let us explore the trends in sarees of 2017, that the Bollywood femme fatales, known for their ‘saree looks’ took to sport in the year.

1. White has been and remains popular

White is a color that no woman likes to miss. Be it the sparkling white, the off white, cream, the silvery shade and the pastels, and anything resembling the ‘color of purity’ or the dazzling color that anybody and everybody gets fascinated was a color that was seen a lot in 2017. Be it the fashion diva Sonam Kapoor or the yester year queen who still looks glamorous, Rekha, hot favourite Deepika Padukone or  many of the Tollywood lasses like Tamannah Bhatia, Kajal Agarwal etc., they all looked gorgeous in white. Florals, distributed eye-catching motifs or the super white plain version with fantastic embroidery, white has been everybody’s darling. Check out!

See Jacqueline Fernandez in the white lehenga saree ensemble at Filmfare Awards 2017 function.

2. Gray in its paler version caught the fancy

Not very popular in its deep shades, pale gray captured the imagination of the fashion designers and the Bollywood saree lovers who chose to use pale gray to an advantage. Lovely sarees in the unusually popular choice of 2017 had those who were curious wondering about the effect it would create. They were delighted to note that it was a good color to chose if combined well.

It could be a pale grey plain handloom saree with a bright pallu or laden with cheery colored motifs or even the grand Banarasi saree with a golden zari wide border.

See how Alia Bhatt looked in her pale gray version.

3. Biege was also a favourite

Once not considered very much for seeming a neutral color not very appealing, the momentum has picked up again for this hue that is close to earthy tones and the appealing metallic shades in fabrics.

The color is just right for the adorning additions like designs, prints, embroidery and what not. It is supposed to look great on the not so fair complexioned. Is it true? See for yourself.

What have you to say about Kajol of DDLJ in this beige colored version?

4. Black is always on every list

An eternal favourite, a great one to be seen in anywhere, anytime!  No Bollywood heroine has ever not donned a black saree, is something that can be said with confidence. It is a color that has fascinated, mystified, exhilarated and brought out very many other emotions. The appeal of the wearer irrespective of who wears it is simply sensational .

Plain handloom cotton with contrast borders, pattu silks or a light art silk version, black simply kills!

See the wow factor of Preity Zinta to Priyanka Chopra, Madhuri to Vidya all simply sparkle in lovely black.

5. Flowers are fine, flowers are fanciful.

Nature is beautifully represented by greenery and the wonderful colorful and contrasting flowers. No wonder anything flowery is appealing and fires the imagination. Floral designs on feminine apparel are a must and what better than a saree with its vast expanse beautifully decorated by floral scapes, vines, flowery designs etc.

One of the best representations of floral finery in sarees in multi-colored hues and creating a vibrant atmosphere is the Ap origin handloom Kalamkari saree.

Check out Vidya Balan looking so very vivacious and comely in her Kalamkari avatar.

6. Handlooms – the heritage fabrics

Who is not familiar with the variety of handlooms, its richness in designs, its worth in weaving quality, its very many advantages in a host of other factors? No wonder that fashion designers have always loved to drape Bollywood lasses with handloom sarees that include rich heavy pattu silks, light linen sarees, comfortable cottons, incredible ghicha jute sensations. The sky is the limit when it comes to handlooms and its possibilities.

Any heroine would do since it is so widely and popularly preferred but why not check out our beloved Rekha or Hema Malini making the handloom saree their favourite attire?

7. The favourite of females - Pink

Pink has always been regarded a feminine color because babies to nannies, brides to middle aged mothers, Pink is very much in the mind in any selection. In fabrics be it the hot ranee pink or the light baby pink, the lovely magenta or the milder fuchsia, the shades of Pink are very much a lady’s irst choice.

See how it makes Bollywood’s Sonakshi Sinha shine.

8. Flaming Fashion

When there is a lot of socializing, party rounds to be made, weddings to be attended or becoming the bride oneself, every woman would love the focus of attention be on her. Said to be colors that dazzle the eyes and incense the atmosphere, red, yellow and orange in their extremely bright versions, lead the list. The wearer of the saree in any of these Neon hues would immediately have most male onlookers gazing at them steadfastly.

How radiant Dia Mira looks in this golden yellow version.

9. Blue - The color with very pleasing shades

Psychology puts it as a soothing color, something that is uplifting. Blue has a very wide range of shades from the bluish color of the sea to the light sky blue, the electric blue, the midnight blue and a host of other pleasing versions that do very good for fabrics of almost any age. The bright versions look good on the fair skinned and see the lovely contrast that is created. It literally brightens the environment.

Bollywood to Tollywood and other woods, all love this color in its bright avatar.

See a sizzling Tamannah Bhatia look a ravishing beauty in her blue colored saree.

10. Nets – the choice of a fashion designer

If there is one saree variety that has the attention of women who love to flaunt fashion, it is the Net.

A weave that can take embroidery, embellishments of any kind, creative additions of any sort it is the Net saree. Woven with a closely formed lattice, it does not let much to pass through. No wonder this variety of fine counts and excellent tightness, makes it possible for any additions to be included nice and homogenously. The variety loved by fashion designers to work on, Bollywood Divas to wear upon, corporate women to comfortably carry on and party goers to strike impression full on.

Wow! See the Bollywood newsmaker Kangana strike a pose in her Net.

11. Half and Half – back with a bang

For what seemed to have vanished in fashion circles, the half and half saree has again made it big. Somewhere it got into someone’s head that he wanted something different this time, he brought back the half half saree from the designer’s closet. there has been a spurt of versions, a splurge of variety that has got pulses racing.

Check out our fashion diva Sonam Kapoor whose dress sense is impeccable in a sensational Net saree.

12. Velvet is nice, smooth and soft

Velvet can never be overlooked for its lush texture, its lavish appearance, its majestic look if worn well. Seemingly thick yet creaseless, smooth to touch and lovely to view, velvet has been part of 2017’s hits in the choice of favourite fabrics.

Watch this lovely image of the talented actor Shriya Saran in her dark colored velvet saree that made many heads turn.

2017 has come to an end. Now that the popular trending sarees of 2017 have been shown, they become eye-openers for those indulging in fashion regularly. The fashion industry takes note and begins its plans for the year ahead. The fans try to emulate if not the exact fashion, versions that they feel are right for them and suitable.


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