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Article: For The Crazy Wedding Season – Try OurSupremelySubtle Tussar Silk Collection !!

For The Crazy Wedding Season – Try OurSupremelySubtle Tussar Silk Collection !!

For The Crazy Wedding Season – Try OurSupremelySubtle Tussar Silk Collection !!


Once again Unnati Silks has brought out a fine range of silk sarees in Tussar Silks for your consumption. In three variants or sets of designs, each of them involving exquisite embroidery, it is an amazing display of skills and craftsmanship that has already brought good reviews from the initial interactions.

What have we before us?

  • You have already been familiarized with the Warli painting figurines that had thrown the market in raptures for the sheer ingenuity and arty portrayals of themes that drew appeal and amazement. Well, the same Warli figurines once again appear, this time on lovely smooth Tussar silks. Dance and song being a favourite theme that seems to figure in many of the figurine representations, it is all the more enhanced with light colored embroidery decorating the figurines against the sharply contrasting colored backdrops. Interspersed with sparsely distributed figurine motifs, that are also similarly embroidered, there is a vividly enhanced scene of gaiety and enjoyment portrayed.

  • But that is not all. You have excellently imagined block prints in geometrical shapes, imagery and colorful variety. Both the Pallu or end piece and the border harbour the block prints that beautifully complement the figurine display. Nicely thought out combinations and excellently executed weaves, these smoothly crafted products provide just the answer to the need for a change from the ordinary.
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  • Then you have another range of the Tussar fabric that has a different manner of threadwork display. You have lovely floral scapes on the body of the saree that have the outlines embroidered in self-colour, light yet visible that serve as a nice contrast to the darker backdrop of the same color. In between you have lovely motifs evenly distributed. One gets to see more of the peacock figuring as a delightful motif. This time the chosen color sharply contrasts the body hue and you have a wonderful touch of the light and dark that shows off the wearer in becoming allure. The pallu once again has the complementing block prints, but this time there are large mango bootis that provide a feast for the eyes. The border helps with its own set of block print patterns. All in all it is a win-win for all concerned.
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  • And then you have very simple evenly placed geometrical shapes neatly embroidered in contrasting light colored embroidery. The lightly adorned body gets complemented by the border and pallu which are neatly but more populated lengths of thread work or embroidered patterns. And what is special about the embroidery? Well, it is the extremely adorable, very intricately woven, exquisite Kasuti embroidery. Famous for the complexity of designs and the immensely minute execution, it offers the buyers something valuable in heritage worth that is not easy to find. In face one could easily gift it, cherish it as a heirloom buy or wear it for exclusive occasions for the eyes of onlookers to pop out.

All of this one would have on the wonderfully woven, smooth-textured and soft-feel Tussar silks that have always been known for their flowing qualities.  Backed by the Handloom Mark and the Silk Mark, these Tussar Silk sarees are available in a wide range of pleasing pastels and in vibrant panaroma.


A ‘feel’ of the Tussar Silks

Tussar Silk, also known as ‘Kosa’ Silk is made from silk obtained from several species of caterpillars, of the moth genus Antheraea. Known as ‘wild silk’, a name given because the silkworms breed on trees like Sal and Arjun found in the forests of Jharkhand, this raw silk has a deep golden colour and is of good texture.

Mainly found in India, especially in the states of Jharkhand, Chattisgarh, and Bhagalpur in Bihar, Tussar silk sericulture accounts as a major source of livelihood for the tribals in the forests of these regions.   Hand spun and coloured with vegetable dyes, there is a special variety that is eco-friendly and referred to as the ’non-violent’ or ‘Ahimsa’ type.

Tussar Silk Sarees are fabrics used with most traditional varieties for the reason that they are workable weaves that come out fine, there is affinity to most colours be it organic or man-made, the adornments on the fine weaves accentuate the look of the saree very much.

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Unnati Silks has a wide and exclusive range of Tussar silk sarees that are a creative combination of Tussar silks with the traditional artistry of other varieties.

You have Tussar sarees with the Odisha Patachitra known for their thematic scenes from the epics and folk tales on the designer pallus. There is the Warli painting with line art depictions in white on coloured backgrounds. You have modern art and abstract paintings on the smooth Tussar silk sarees that are good canvases.

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Jute Ghicha Tussars with eye-catching motifs, fine tribal art Kalamkari on Tussar silk saris, smooth and soft Banarasi handloom silk sarees, creative applications of Bandhani, Pen Batik, fancy block prints, attractive adornments like Kantha embroidery, appliqués, Kundans, sequins, beads etc. make for  other inspirational Tussar silk saree varieties available at Unnati Silks.

The use of Tussar silk saris ranges from wearing at occasions like grand weddings, parties, as bridal attire, to festivals, social functions, traditional pujas etc.

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