Strutting about in the digital art silk dupattas of Unnati Silks for a change


When you have an ample rectangular fabric canvas area to work with, there is plenty of scope for delightful decorative frontal display to the wearer of the salwar suit combo.   

No salwar suit is complete without the separate 2m plus covering piece or the Dupatta. As accompaniment to the salwar suit, suitably adorned to match, as contrast or complement, the dupatta offers itself as backdrop for captivating patterns and motifs, canvas for exotic prints and abstract designs, lends suitable support for magical thread work or embroidery, allows breezy floral prints to infuse a new freshness in the surroundings.

And now this from Unnati Silks!

A technically advanced manner of having sharp realistic images, floral scapes, geometrical patterns and what not in vivid colors and enamouring combinations of color and true to life to go gaga about. Exploring  digital imagery on the sheen and shine of well-woven art silks, it is a novel presentation of what possibilities exist by making use of technology innovatively.

The wonderful thing about the dupatta is that it can be introduced with many of the salwar kameez pairs without a second thought, because of its universality in design and pattern along with judicious choice of hues.

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The special appeal of Unnati Handloom Dupattas

What does this range of digitally printed arty art silk dupattas have to offer?

  • There is a lot of imagery either in floral arrangements and scapes or large dimension images spread over the expanse such as scenes of nature, mosaic patterns and other digital representations. The beauty of digital techniques is that the transfer of images does not cause any loss whatsoever in likeness, sharpness or other attributes of the original.
  • Colors are almost the same as the original with slight change on account of the metallic colors of the printer trying to match the color effect of fabric colors on the art silk fabric but not succeeding cent percent.
  • Colors chosen are light and vibrant hues. Color combinations are one, two or multi-color.
  • Borders are wide and at the ends, filled with geometrical patterns. Both ends are neatly and attractively tasseled.
  • There are some products that have beautiful mosaic sketches surrounded by decorated borders on all sides.
  • Crafted by the weavers of Rajasthan, it is a display of vividness and panorama.



But then what after all is the dupatta ?

The dupatta is an essential traditional garment, a much needed complement to the salwar suit. An engaging fabric, one exquisite dupatta easily pairs well with different salwar kameez. Also known as chunni, the colourful dupatta has utilitarian functions also. It is used as a protective scarf in windy conditions, serves as a stole or shawl in cold weather, turns into a handy fabric for reverence when visiting a Gurudwara (sikh temple) or as a cover for the head in the presence of elders in the family or visitors. In passing it may be mentioned that this decorative fabric serves beyond its useful life as chunni by its aesthetic appeal as light colourful curtains in a house. Other similar uses can also be envisaged.

The appeal of handloom fabrics lies in the ethnic hand woven techniques employed to churn out fine, soft, transparent, airy, light and aesthestically appealing fabrics. The choice of vibrant colours, the use of organic dyes, the quality of weaving, the employment of limited resources;  yet outcomes are a sensational mix with borders, designs, patterns, motifs, themes, hand painting and exquisite embroidery that even modern day methods fail to match. It is an amalgam or delightful blend of ethnic skill, care and devotion. The Dupatta, the scarf or the stole brought out as handloom fabrics woven with dedication and care are worthy additions.

 If you like to try something new and enjoy its feel, then do explore the range and make your choice.

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