Drape into the super soft linen’s with authentic block prints @ Unnati Silks


The market is always expectant and Unnati Silks is always obliging for a constant flow of new and catchy sarees to engage the attention.

What is the new range this time you ask? Well it’s pure handloom linen sarees with a freshness that is invigorating.

 What are the features of this new range then?

  • For a start the block prints have ventured into pure florals, where the backdrop colors chosen are from the quite light to the pastels. Of course within the saree area you have a healthy mix. While the body or field sports floral scapes in light dancing colors, there is an equally vibrant geometrical pattern display in the pallu region with thin horizontal colored lines across the end-piece.
  • It is Contemporary Prints all right with the choice of designs and patterns that are trendy and popular, eye-catching, exciting and satisfying.
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  • The borders are enticing in themselves with a silver zari border this time and sometimes flanked on the outer by a matching color border. While the zari border is wide, the color border is more like a band. At times the silver border is by itself but there is a tinge of colour mixed within the silver zari threads that gives an appearance like colorful shining zari.
  • The flowers are nicely spread across the expanse like a floral decorative carpet in light cheerful tones. In fact the judicious choice of hues brightens up the environs and emboldens the spirit.
  • And to cheer up matters the tassel ends at the pallu make it look very attractive.
  • As always the Handloom Mark gives the tone of authenticity that raises the confidence of the buyer.

And of course Linen is fast becoming the favourite choice of fabric.

For a cloth that is smooth in feel, nice in appearance and very durable as a garment, the linen fabric needs no introduction to millions across the world. Considered the universal fabric for all seasons, its weave quality varies from slightly coarse to the very fine. Linen offers plenty of opportunity for innovative experiments and this was one of the main reasons for the choice of this fabric for the current range.

Natural luster coupled with strength and resistance to abrasion, makes it very much durable under normal conditions of use. Over and above its adjustability to weather conditions makes it popular and preferred over most fabrics except maybe cotton when it comes to trying torrid and humid weather conditions. And with all these endearing qualities comes its biggest advantage of being almost maintenance free.

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