Fashion Appeal with the Stylish Checks

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One pattern that has caught the fancy of the market and is currently considered the ‘in’ thing in fabric fashion are the stylish checks. Self-colour checks-which refer to checks formed as an intended pattern from two slightly differing shades of the same colour, checks of different colours, matching checks, contrasting checks etc., you name it and you have a gamut or wide range of this brilliant adorning feature on the saree, salwar kameez or such fabric of large display.

The checks or chequered pattern refers to horizontal and vertical lines crossing each other perpendicularly to form squares. It gets its idea mainly from the game of chess where the chessboard of black and white squares serves as the perfect example. It has caught the imagination of fabric lovers and designers throughout the world, on account of the symmetry and pleasing effect of colours judiciously used in this pattern on a fabric. If the number of threads per inch, is equal in both warp and weft, then the criss-cross weave forms a brilliant symmetrical checks pattern.

The same checkered pattern with change in shades or colours in either warp or weft provides for different coloured checks. If the pattern highlights in a particular direction contrasting it with the line perpendicular to it, then it can be judiciously used to create heightening or standing-out effect for the fabric in a particular colour setting.

Plaids and checks are similar since both have squares forming in the pattern, but different in that plaids have rectangles and squares, are of deep contrasting colours and are more visibly prominent than checks.

The Saree, a national fabric and traditional attire in many states of India, has been a remarkable canvas for the stylish checks design. Ethnic stylists of traditional varieties spread across India have employed this pattern on handloom saris to create a brilliant illusion of a plain saree with adornments only to reveal the subtle self checks visible on a closer look or at certain angles.

Unnati Silks advocates ethnic fashion as a revival of traditional skills incorporating modern taste. Naturally with its large heritage variety covering most styles across the length and breadth of the country, the stylish checks automatically figure in the collection as an exclusive fusion feature that appeals to modern tastes.

Such creations visible in the Unnati Collection having subdued colours as well as bright hued shades are the Meghalaya silks, Assam Sicos, Chanderi handlooms, Sambalpuri cottons, Rajasthani Net, Dharwad cottons, Bengal handloom cottons, to name but a few that Unnati displays in its exclusive section on stylish checks. It also includes the rich pattu silks which have employed this pattern like the Chettinad and Kanjeevaram silks.

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