Move over Pinks, Neon is Here!

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What is the in-thing in fashion today? Market Buzz puts it as Neon. Pinky Pink adored till yesterday has suddenly made way for Neon to come in with a bang.

Not content with just a bang, it’s splashed all over the place. Green, Yellow, Orange, Peach, Biege, Pink and even multi-coloured apparel, accessories and moods are all ‘hitting the eye’ for attention.

Sarees & Blouses, Salwar Kameez, Chuddidars, Purses, and even ladies’ footwear are all bright neon and busy latching themselves onto eager ladies lapping up the fahion look. Trend setters mainly from Bollywood has fashion divas like Sonam Kapoor,  Aishwarya Rai,  Deepika Padukhone, Bipasha and the line of gorgeous females making up the fashion brigade, who are more than willing to educate their eager fans on what the modern woman should be wearing.

Interestingly, not realized but true enough, Neon had come in the changing life cycle of fashion when Sreedevi was at her peak. Maybe it did not have a long life and left as silently as it had come. Style icons were also not many, and those who were, did not think much about it and were busy in their films instead.

Today with a lot of leading ladies, tall and curvaceous and who carry themselves well in whatever they wear, attending film festivals and globe-trotting for red carpet functions is a way of life. Displaying their dressing sense rather than prowess in acting, it is their unconscious desire to see that the average Indian woman of style benefits from their edification. And they shouldn’t be disappointed either.

College girls, young lecturers, corporate executives and all those who have graduated to sport fashion and who wish to flaunt their tastes(?), leave no stone unturned in the one-upmanship of ‘being there’. Lapping up the latest on trends and indulging in shopping extravaganzas they are ready and raring,  to be part of the new breed of indulging enthusiasts of fashion.

Unnati Silks has been a part of the fashion world of fabrics since the last three decades.

Indulging in deep market research, it is very much into trends and trend anticipating. Fusion has always been the keyword for its creations and there has been many a time when Unnati has forged ahead with its team of specialists in anticipating the market taste in designs and patterns. And mind you successfully.

When Neon first appeared as a groovy fad Unnati was already positioning itself with surveys on what the teenagers and young fashion stylists sought in this splurge on bright and smack-in-the-eye stuff. The sudden liking for brilliance in fabrics and fashion accessories in the life cycle of fashion was rightly given its due in Unnati’s creations.

So came about the Neon range of designer sarees which aptly fits the definition of neon and very much caters to what the market considers  ‘Neon’.

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