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Article: Pashmina Silks - From the Valley of Kashmir

Pashmina Silks - From the Valley of Kashmir
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Pashmina Silks - From the Valley of Kashmir

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Pashminas are sheer fabrics, exquisite and exclusive for the material and quality of weave.The Pashmina Silk Saree is said to be one of the finest pieces of apparel that could drape a woman. Made from a fine blend of Pashmina wool from the ‘pashm’ of the Himalayan goats and pure silk, Pashmina sarees and fabrics like the salwar kameez, shawls are sheer and soft yet with a spreading warm feel.

The fabric is light, shining and with a lot of adornments.

Unnati Silks has brilliantly coloured Pashmina silks since vegetable dyes are used. Vegetable dyes are known for their fastness, bright hues and permanence. They are also easy on the skin unlike man- made chemical dyes which sometimes cause mild skin reactions or rashes. There is a good collection of Pashmina silks and Pashmina Sicos (blends of silk and cotton) with extraordinary prints of abstract designs and beautiful, attractive motifs which heighten the elegance and allure of the wearer.

The Kashmiri embroidery or Kashida that decorates the Pashmina silk saree has bright and colourful designs, with motifs of floral borders, paisley and chinar leaves and other inspirational settings of nature. The patterns and the colours chosen, so harmonize with Nature, that the elegance and allure of the wearer of the saree, is heightened.

The key to such a mention regarding Pashminas and Unnati is the fact that in the age of synthetic silks and a lot of spurious stuff being passed off as Pashmina, one could end up getting the wrong thing and paying exorbitantly for it.

Since Unnati deals in original ethnic fabrics and knows the pitfalls when buying costly fabrics, it advices that the interested should only go to shops which are reputed or have somebody knowledgeable in fabrics accompanying before buying.

Unnati Silks has a captivating range of hand weaved pashmina’s where in lots of fusion has been done with abstract modern prints, geometrical figures, kashida’s, neon shades, checks and lot more.

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