Knowing people through their faces!!!


Not as popular as Palmistry, Feng Shui, Numerology and some others, Face Reading has its own following and is also quite intriguing. Maybe the idea, that it could have its social complications and askance of society, discouraged the will to not pursue it more, than as a hobby. This was especially, if the face reader was a novice, and had yet to gain thorough exposure to be able to predict accurately.

Yet the popular Chinese Face Reading or Physiognomy, that came from Daoist philosophy, and credited to a scholar Gulguzi in the period 481-221 B.C., who first expounded on the subject in his writings and whose work is still a much needed reference on this subject, is said to have the potential

  • to provide insights into the hidden personality,
  • a reading of past history,
  • the idea about the present
  • and the fortelling of future events.

 Exploring Face Reading

‘The face is an open book’, is a popular saying that carries meaning in the stating of a simple fact that a person emotes and the facebkexpressions displayed on the face are easily read by those around as the reactions or responses of the subject to things or incidents. However the deeper significance lies in the fact that the events in a person’s life leaves certain impressions on the mind, that are mirrored by certain physical features etched on the face.

It is the study of these features guided by certain insights provided by ancient scholars who had taken upon face reading as a serious and engaging branch of knowledge that provides modern day face readers, facets to better explore this fine art. Though initially, it was for medical purposes, as face reading yielded results upon observations and diagnosis of patients and their body’s favourable responses to a certain line of treatment. It was much later when possibilities were explored for application in other avenues that it branched out to more subtle studies in areas like psychology and human behavior, a basic form of psychiatry etc.

In India, even today it has not gained interest to a marked degree nor is it pursued very ardently, except by the keen enthusiasts who see it as something interesting to dabble in mildly and the very few who believe deeply in its possibilities as a scientific method to gauge, pursue and advocate a special kind of therapy.

 Chinese Face Reading

A branch of knowledge that also had its advantages in ancient times, of earnings through fortune telling, Face Reading gradually got its share of believers and has a fair following till the present day, at least in China. Let us see briefly what this ancient science tells about getting to know a man’s mind through his face.

Face Reading examines the 3 quarters, 8 Trigrams and 108 spots that have been adjudged as the possible physical formations on different faces. In addition, shapes, colours, wrinkles and moles are also some of the aspects of the face that are studied.

Over time, several methodologies have been adopted for the study and only a master aware of all or most of the methodologies would be able to cross examine and arrive at sensibly accurate predictions.

Following is a brief introduction to the 12 Houses method.

The 12 Houses method of Face Reading

The area of the face is divided into 12 regions or houses each telling something about the past, present and future of the subject whose face is to be read. Each of the houses represent certain aspects or characteristics that are attributive to a subject’s life. The presence or absence of physical features related to these aspects or characteristics, are displayed or are absent vide the physical shapes, the colours, thin or deep lines, presence of moles etc., thereby giving an idea or face reading about the existence or influences of external events, persons or things in the subject’s life and if present, the extent of influence.


01. Fortune House (region of the forehead just below the top)

Represents trend of the subject’s fortune. Ideal fortune house would be round, full, smooth, devoid of visible marks, lines or scars. Flaws reflect problems in life – could be in the form of poor health, stressed relationships, financial troubles etc.

02. Parents House (top of the forehead)

Represents state that the subject’s parents were in and subject’s relationship with them. Ideal parent’s house would be wide round and shining region. Meaning  family was well-off, upbringing of the subject was comfortable, early achievements were present.  Small, bony or disfigured region means an uneasy childhood.

03. Career House (region of the forehead just below the Fortune House)

Represents state of subject’s career. Ideal Career House would have broad, round, smooth region. With prominent cheekbones, protruding eyebrows, subject could achieve great heights in career. Flaws or absence of these would mean mediocre or below average, based on physical reading.

04. House of Travel ( region just below the Career house)

Represents subject’s association with travel by way of enjoying incident-free travel or travel related jobs. Region disfigured with scars or deep lines are indicative of possible accidents during travel. Also jobs related to travel or transportation may not be advisable.

05. Life House ( region between two eyebrows on the forehead at its bottom portion)

The key to the subject’s life lies here. Region being smooth and shiny, life is indeed enjoyable throughout. Receded, dimpled, scarred, the subject has had a troubled life. Permanent horizontal lines there or eyebrows meet at the centre indicate troubled times ahead.

06. House of siblings (eyebrows and regions just above them)

It shows relationships with friends and colleagues. The state of the hair indicates the state the subject’s parents were in at the time of the subject’s conceiving. Dark, thick, long, smooth, even shaped and located high above the eyes is a good sign indicating a good mental makeup of the subject – affectionate, courageous and calm-natured with good relationships. Sparse, thin, short or chaotic eyebrow hairs, indicate tormented physical or emotional states with troubled relationships.


07. Assets House (eyelashes and the regions below them including the eyes) 

It shows the intelligence and temperament of the subject, as well as asset acquiring ability. Good eyes are long, with large pupils and clear whites, with up eyelids broad and full. Flaws are deep set or dazed eyes that show dumbness, recessed or narrow eyelids that exhibit impatience. If the whites are coloured with red streaks and worse if they are through a pupil, rough weather lies ahead for the subject in financial matters.

08. House of Marriage (regions adjacent to the outer side of the eyes)

Full and smooth regions indicate a happy married blissful life. Flaws such as receded house, is alarming, indicating extra marital affairs and their consequences. If the area has visible spots, scars, black moles, messy lines, the marriage is likely to be on the rocks due to incautious behavior with regard to marriage, especially extra marital affairs.

09. House of Children (Regions just below the eyes)

This is directly related to the cerebellum and governs the love and sex life as well as children’s development. Full and round, the subject has a happy time and children do well. Flaws like being flat, receded regions, dim moles or slant lines across the area are undesirable. This indicates sex related problems or children’s development for the subject.

10. Health House (central region between the two eyes)

Good well formed region naturally indicates good health throughout. Broken house or marked with horizontal lines, stained with spots, marks or discolouration, indicate health needs special attention especially with regard to the digestive system.

11. Wealth House (region below health house on the nose up to its tip)

Nose that is high, has a straight bridge is big, has rounded tip, full and fleshy wings with invisible nostrils shows robust health, positive mental attitude, with success in career and money matters. Nose that is low, crooked, pointed or narrow, bony or with coloured bridge, upturned tip, visible nostrils, show a harried person beset with financial problems, and a problematic career. A nose with blood vessels visible or blue toned undersurface, says beware of health or financial setbacks. A blood red nose now and then indicates some impending disaster could strike.

12. Popularity House (region at the chin)

Shows relationship of subject with colleagues, sub-ordinates, much younger people. Also it says what one could expect in old age. Round and full, the subject will be popular all-round. Sharps off, appears crooked or bony, subject is not suited for a political career. Also would have to fend for own in old age.


Face Reading is an interesting subject and definitely the findings must have some basis, but too inaccurate to actually have a marked effect on your life with the predictions.

If someone were to face read you and mention disturbing things, do not get emotionally disturbed.

You can examine your face privately in the mirror and critically find out the extent of the truth that has been said about the physical features. That too, for face lift, and nothing more. Leave fate to do its job and nobody else will be the wiser. 

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