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Article: Predicting health conditions from the fingernails

Predicting health conditions from the fingernails

Predicting health conditions from the fingernails


If you thought that finger nails are merely hard dead cells meant only for beautifying, it’s time that you knew more.

Medical Science has sound basis for telling the probable health of a person through the colour and texture of the finger nails. In 1407822383fact correctly read finger nails reveal the true health condition of a person by way of colour, texture, and other telltale signs that a trained or practiced eye can pick up to reveal the truth

The signs that tell the existence of a serious medical condition

Ancient Science with its study on colour of fingernails, the condition of the body, and then co-relating them, has come up with findings that indicate that the ailments within the body effect changes in the blood. This gets reflected in the blood trapped below the fingernails to impart a certain colour to them. By numerous experiments and readings, a statistic with high level of predictability through colours has thereby evolved.

 Colours of fingernails and what they could mean

  • white nails – indicate the presence of liver diseases such as hepatitis                          1.-Fingernail2
  • pale and white nail beds could indicate a low Red Blood Corpuscles condition
  • yellowish , thickened and slow-growing nails tell of existence of lung diseases
  • yellowish nails but with a slight to dark bluish base indicate the presence of diabetes
  • half-white and half pink colouring indicates kidney diseases
  • If the finger nail beds are red, they tell of heart disease
  • But if the same beds are whitish, they predict aenemia
  • A  condition called ‘clubbing’ or a painless increase in tissue around ends of fingers or inversion of finger nail tells of existence of lung diseases
  • If irregular red lines are observed at the base of the nail fold it speaks of Lupus or connective tissue disease
  • Dark lines beneath the finger nail tells of the presence of melanoma
  • Warning signs for hepatitis to heart disease could appear when a previously healthy fingernail undergoes changes
  • Iron deficiency can create a thin and concave nail bed, raised ridges or spoon shaped nails
  • ven a thyroid condition shows up as an abnormal nail bed and dry, brittle and cracked fingernails.
Are these signs to immediately conclude the above?

Any sign cannot be taken at the first instance to mean what has been outlined above for the following reason. A common disease like fingernail fungus from a variety of reasons could be the underlying cause. Fingernail fungus can cause the nails to crack, peel, change colour and texture. So it is always best to first seek professional help to get the correct diagnosis and remedy through anti-fungal prescriptions.

 But there are also possibilities of changes in texture, shape or colour that could be in the form of irregular growth of the nail, pitting or holes in the nails, dark brown streaks beneath the nail and cuticle or long standing warts on the nail bed. Such changes observed from a good healthy condition of the finger nails is cause for alarm. Your family doctor could however advise you to first seek professional services from a skin expert to address it first.

Having those enviable fingers and fingernails          670px-Make-Your-Fingernails-Look-Good-Step-1-Version-2

Here are some tips to keep your fingernails in a healthy condition.

  • Always keep your nails clean and dry
  • Avoid the dirty habit of biting fingernails or picking them
  • Moisturiser to nails and cuticles every day and creams with urea, phospholipids or lactic acid help prevent cracking.
  • Nails should be filed in a particular direction with rounding rather than to sharp tips
  • Removing cuticles or cleaning deeply under the nails can cause infection. Avoid!
  • Do not meddle with ingrown toe nails. Better to see the doctor for advice if troubling
  • Avoid the nail varnish removers that have strong substances like acetone or formaldehyde
  • Keep own instruments if manicures are frequent, to avoid infection
  • cutting-newborn-nailsSome love artificial nails. But they also are good breeding grounds for bacteria and fungi. Any green discoloration noticed, indicative of infection, the artificial nails must be removed, fingernails cleaned thoroughly and dried and new artificial fingernails if desired to be donned.
  • And naturally, all organs for their continued good health need a balanced healthy diet

For those who doubt the health of their fingernails

If you doubt about the health of your fingernails, consult a practised doctor or nurse to assure you.

Ancient Science tells a lot from observations that have led to predictable conclusions. It is the ingenuity and intelligence of the reader of the signs to heed what they tell and consult professionals before things get out of control. But if one is not sure of about the reading of signs, the best way to reassure onself, is to consult the family medical practitioner or other professional at the slightest signs of uneasiness.

Follow the golden rule – Monitor the fingernails and keep a watch for the signs. Approach for medical help for consultation and treatment-timely!

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