Dazzle this wedding season with smokey eyes

The first thing that gets onto my mind when I’m stepping out for a wedding is makeup and then my dress.Makeup is most essentialStylish smokey eyes for a wedding to make the bride or groom glance more beautiful.
Creating smoky eye makeup will add appeal to my usual beauty regime.The look starts with a dark background and fades with lighter shade.Firstly, I get all my materials together that are useful for making my smoky eyes.It involves eye shadow base, eye shadow, liner and a mascara.
The foremost thing is to apply shadow base, I apply shadow base to the upper lids and lower lashes of my eyes.I prefer applying shadow base first.It helps flakes of makeup from falling and irritating my eyes and absorbs oil from my skin.It gives smooth and dry care to the color.So,it is best to prefer shadow base.
I propose for base color next.The base color must be lighter than the final smoky color.Opt for some shimmer and lighter hues.Later comes the eyeliner, which is mostly preferred for smoky eyes.Myself opt the liner to be applied in a thick manner.The liner should be applied thick in the middle and thin at the edges.
I usually tender light color of eye liner for bottom lash line and smudge it.This smudging gives my eyes a smoky glance.Once done with the eyeliner then I apply darker color eye shadow.I’ll start with lash line and blend with the base color upward.The outside corners of my eye are shaped in the form of ‘V’.By taking a medium-sized soft round brush, blend the eye shadows on the upper eyelid.With the flat brush, blend the eye shadow along the lower lash line.
Final touch is by finishing my eyes with coats of mascara.Always I opt for a darker color of mascara that makes my eyes more lavishing and stunning.This makes me stare more beautifully at weddings.