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Article: Does Vaasthu rule your life?

Does Vaasthu rule your life?
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Does Vaasthu rule your life?

Vaastu is a science. Vaastu is a fad. Vaastu is a religious belief. You can keep adding to this.
But the bottom line is that Vaasthu Shastra is the traditional learning that has caught the fancy of builders and construction houses in a big way in India of deciding what should face where (which direction) and how is the arrangement of objects around the house. And they leave no stone unturned to suggest to buyers or owners what Vaasthu could do for their ‘bright’ future.
Common to most houses is the front or drawing room, the eating place or the dining room, the kitchen, the bedroom/s and the toilets. Once these primary living places are taken care of the rest more or less fall in line. They may not be within the purview of the vaasthu expert consulted or there may be no feasible solution.

Where should the sofa set be, or how should the speaker system be arranged, where can the frying pan give best pooris or why should the dustbin not be in that corner, where would Munni sit while studying to top her class or which direction should the Dadi’s pillow be facing in order not to get nightmares are all part of the Vasthu expert’s encyclopedia that he dishes out from, with no qualms about being proved false or it being disputed hotly for refund.
Vaasthu Shastra or the science of living in harmony within our dwelling and in congenial surroundings seems more like collective understanding on the basis of long-term experiences pooled together from different sources. Common elements are put down as a certainty on the subject. Differences surface when two so-called experts happen to come face-to-face and each one lays claim to better understanding on the subject.
Some say that vaasthu for a certain place is absolute. That the house built in a certain way alone can give benefit to the ones who will occupy, irrespective of who it be. Others are more flexible and link it to the Kundali of the people who are going to occupy. There are yet some who talk of possibilities of either/or (options) within the placements or construction in the given situation.
Honestly speaking, I myself claim to know certain things. Let’s see what.
1) Heavy stuff like cupboards, furniture, trunks loaded with odd stuff, cartons with books and what not deserve to be in the Southern or Western part of the house.
2) Doors (more than one) should not be in a straight line if they are odd. Like three, five.... if there are even number of doors it will do.
3) Windows should be in the north and east to have good tidings always visiting the house. No heavy furniture can be kept there.
4) The kitchen should have the cooking corner in the south east direction.
5) The north east is the corner meant for God and except for the worshipping elements nothing by way of furniture can be kept there.
6) The pillow should face east or south. East for wisdom and south for good health.
7) The head of the house can never sleep with head facing in the north direction or he will kick the bucket soon.
Very very elementary, you say. True.
But that is what I require to continue living in that house paying my ‘rent’ every month by the tenth and getting to stay on for 30 more days till I do something that is disliked by the owner.
Does Vaasthu still affect my life, or do I not get the so-called good vibrations that the owners of houses would be benefiting from?
I must find out soon.
And for those whose lives are dependent on Vaasthu, here is something that could help you regain lost ground.
Simple vaastu chart for a home. Courtesy :

Vastu shastra map for home


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