Go Banana's!! And Become Fit

Way back in 2008 the Morning Banana Diet was the ‘in thing’ for dieters in Japan to lose their calories without feeling the pangs of hunger or agonize over others munching before their eyes.
What was this banana diet that Lose weight the most Natural wayactually caused a furor leading to an acute shortage of bananas in the land?
Let’s find out.
The diet permitted only the following:
• Consumption of unlimited bananas with water at room temperature which was to be sipped whenever needed. Or even a serving of milk could be consumed for breakfast.
• There was no restriction to lunch and dinner menus either in terms of quantity or foods taken.
• One or more bananas could be had as snack between meals but no other dessert.
• The end of the day’s consumption was at 8 p.m.
• The end of the day came through going to bed before midnight.
The end result you ask?
Stupendous and sensational. There was actual reduction in calories and without any side effects. As mentioned earlier there followed a tremendous shortage of the weight-reducer all over the islands owing to the demand far exceeding supply.
Many theories were offered from the world over and people swore by it and some also scoffed at it. But as they say - seeing is believing. The weight scales showed the truth.
So what are you waiting for?
Go Banana's!! And also those extra kilos in the most natural manner without using those pills, etc.