This Wedding Season Glow Naturally

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]We start life with a near smooth to smooth skin that starts to become uneven, roughen, discolor and even sagging at places as we age. Lesser the care more the damage.
If we wish to look good even in our worst times, here is something to go by:
  • nothing like drinking clear fluids like water and fruit juices most of the time instead of strong caffeinated beverages like tea and coffee. The eight glasses of simple water per day formula still works to our benefit.
  • Nature has provided certain beneficial substances to at least halt the damage and slowly reverse, if not turn around the existing to get back what we have lostface-packs
Take these slight precautions or beauty tips and you need not fear for damage to your skin.
-          Lighten the tone of the skin by smearing lemon juice, allowing it to be on the area for ten to fifteen minutes, wash off with clear water and dab the areas, don’t rub with a thick towel. Do it every alternate day after returning home for the day.
-          Oatmeal with honey paste applied to skin is a natural way to even skin tone because it can act as an exfoliating agent that breaks up dirt and bumps on your skin for a more even surface and tone. Leave it on your skin for a few minutes, rub gently all over the applied area and after some time wash all the paste off and apply sunscreen.
-          Honey helps to even skin tone because it is as a moisturizer with antibacterial properties. The moisture that the honey puts into your skin keeps it from slightly dry to moist, which does wonders for your skin.
-          Milk gets back the softness and glow of your skin to a more youthful appearance. It works on melanin to lighten the skin, diminishing the appearance of darker blemishes and scars. It is very beneficial for those with hard or dry skin.
Follow these easy steps and nature will do the rest.
And you will surely dazzle this wedding season!!
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