This Valentine's Day, Look Charismatic

Valentine’s Day is not only about the Valentine or the loved ones; it’s about us to look gorgeous. We need to pamper our skin for this Valentine’s Day for young and glorious look. Every girl and women strives to maintain her beauty, especially for Valentine’s Day.
February 14th is less than fortnight away, so I have started my preparation from now to glimpse in a stunning manner. This day is the best one to express our love towards the loved ones. We have a great time together by expressing our love and sharing gifts. This is a special occasion for lovers. It is celebrated in a similar routine as other festivals.
The foremost thing for looking beautiful on lover’s day is through make-up and clothing. The preferred color on Valentine’s Day, February 14th, is “RED” which is a symbol of emotion and love. Simply I wrap up myself in a color of love from top to bottom with all kinds of matching’s possible, like sandals, wallets, nail color and the hair style.ls070214valentinemakeup2
• For a glowing and fresh face on the day, need to have a good nap and stay tension free. This adds up more liveliness to my face. Read my home made tips for healthy skin.
• Eye make-up for Valentine's Day should be sultry and smoky. Thus Smokey eyes is a must. On how to get those lovely smokey eyes, read my detailed Smokey eyes blog post.
• Even if not normally used, foundation is a must for today to cover blemishes and even out skin tone.
• Lips need to be soft so use a delicately and pleasant welcoming shade of colored lip gloss. And adding up lipstick with a quality lip gloss to obtain Valentine lips!
• Finally, a delicate rosy and shimmery blusher is ideal to bring this Valentine's look together.
Hairstyles which I prefer for this special day is with a soft and gentle flattering curls or a braided hair style which apt me the best. And finally, adding a smile to face increases attention from the loved ones.