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Article: Feng Shui – simply implement and improve your life

Feng Shui – simply implement and improve your life

Feng Shui – simply implement and improve your life

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Feng Shui, the ancient chinese art and science is all about balance and harmony between us and the environment we live in. A philosophy that advocates location of structures and arrangements within our dwelling to usher in positive outcomes, it is akin to the Vaasthu Shastra, the Indian Science that also talks along similar lines.
Let us see how we can have Lady Luck smile upon us most of our lives by following these simple Feng Shui tips in our homes.
Remove unnecessary stuff that could be occupying useful space – de-clutter!
Feng Shui requires that if there is to be a lot of positive energy flow, objects that are hardly of much use to us in any way, should be shown the way out or moved to where they don’t take up living space, preferably outside the house.
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Make a list of ‘don’t want’ objects and small items that do not qualify a yes for either - Do I really want it? Is it useful to me in the near future? Bid them goodbye through sale or give away to the needy.
That goes for clutter due to newspapers piling up (even if they are neatly stacked), old pots and pans in the kitchen, old clothes, books, other small and sundry that have accumulated to choke space. In fact do it for all the rooms in the house and storage areas like the attic, store room and even the garage.
Especially keep the Central part of the house and central portions of each room free for positive energy flows.
If there is anything that requires to be in plenty in the house, it is natural light and air.
Natural light is the source of energy that literally lights up our life. And plenty of it would not only be good for our bodies but also brighten our hearts and soul as well. Free flow of air through windows and good ventilation would always bring in good tidings and freshen up our minds for clear thoughts.
Doorways should be clear without anything obstructing them, for positive energy needs to be welcomed through an inviting entrance.
Shoe racks near the entrance, footwear lying near the door, objects like racks, teapoys, small tables close to a doorway block the clear passage of positive energy flows. It is also believed that the entrance to a room should be visible from any corner within the room.
Mirrors reflect. Positive energy deflects off a mirror to its various points within and since mirrors magnify the light in rooms to make them look larger, it induces positive vibes to those occupying them.

Plants give a soothing feeling. Green plants calm the mind.
Healthy plants are life-inducing and nature’s healing properties through good vibrations come to the fore if we have small plants and shrubs in pots lined against the walls of the living room. Green plants are a Yes, sickly dying plants are a clear No!
The bedroom restores our vital energy every night while we rest in sleep.
  • There should be dull to mellow lighting that would relieve us of the stress we accumulate throughout the day.
  • Beds should be arranged where the sleeping person does not have feet pointing towards the doorway.
  • A mirror in the bedroom should be placed in such a way that the face of those on the bed is not reflected or seen from there. If necessary a small curtain could cover such mirrors before going to sleep.
  • Children need to sleep on beds with some space below for good air movement above and below. Bunk beds are bad for the child on the lower bed.
Bathrooms and toilets are to be kept clean always.
Bathroom and toilet doors are to be kept closed at all times to prevent bad vibes entering the fresh space of other rooms of the house. It is also said that all doors kept closed at night before sleeping improves the domestic atmosphere and marital relationships.
Disagreements are caused by placing water and fire close to each other.
The fridge, washing machine, the sink etc. should not be close to the cooking area. Marital discord could ensue.
This is but an elementary list of Feng Shui to introduce our lives to. Good for a start and sufficient to reap good benefits immediately.
More tips could be available from the exhaustive lists in books and acknowledged experts who have devoted a portion of their lives in its study.
The bottom line is that there are believers and there are the skeptics. The believers will go for it or continue. They only need guidance. The skeptics will probable choose to go for something else.
After all, is not improvement in the quality of our lives that we all seek?

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