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Article: Sparkling Eyes – for good vision and popularity

Sparkling Eyes – for good vision and popularity

Sparkling Eyes – for good vision and popularity

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Why do some people always catch the attention of most around them? Why do people pay much more attention to their faces than that of others?  Why are they the focus of interest when they speak? The answer my friend lies in their eyes.

Healthy eyes mirror the clear soul, expose the radiant thoughts, spread the inner beauty across the face, captivate the beholder 563437_12f574262d91b6945d391f55b82cd4c1_largeand mostly create a bond when gaze meets gaze. It is this lively sparkling pair that oozes warmth, inspires confidence and invites sharing. Silent and yet so very eloquent, eyes initiate the first moves to any action. That is why it is naturally agreed that to know a person well, his eyes must be studied.

 Eyes give vision the most precious thing in the world.

If God has been kind to us, that we are privileged in having two good eyes, then we must keep them in a good and healthy condition, full of life and shining. Reflect on those who cannot see or are partially blind; they are deprived of seeing the beauty of Nature and all within it. The only external organ that can be replaced physically but whose use is not facilitated – namely sight.

 Good Vision needs three things

  1. Healthy eyes for unrestricted or unimpeded vision through a good diet
  2. Eye exercises to maintain the health of the eyes
  3. Avoidance of those habits that come in the way of good eyesight


Eating well for those shiny eyes

  • Nutrients as omega -3 fatty acids, lutein, zinc and vitamins C & E provide good eye health. Available in a range of foods as green leafy vegetables like spinach, kale, collards, fish like salmon, tuna etc. fruits like oranges, lemon, guava etc, they should be available in the regular diet. Not only is good vision ensured, even the effects of deteriorating vision and macular degeneration later on in life due to aging, are retarded or slowed down.
  • Carrots have beta carotene an anti-oxidant that is very good for the eyes, giving it tone and elasticity as well as preventing macular degeneration.
  • Have Broccoli, Bell peppers, Brussels sprouts, that along with hummus and yogurt are great sources of vitamin C
  • Sardine fish and salmon are abundant with omega 3 fats good for the body and the tiny blood vessels in the eyes
  • Replace the cooking oil with olive oil that does not build up fat but keeps it healthy.
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Aerobics of the eyes

Get down to those eye exercises that give it tone and suppleness, strength and sharp vision.

Here are some basic exercises that you can do regularly without worrying about sparing time especially for it.

Sit quietly and in a comfortable sitting position, preferably cross-legged on a mat on the floor.

Take some deep breaths to relax the body

  1. 1)Rub palms of hands vigorously. It will generate some heat. Place the warm palms on closed eyelids. The warmth moves to the eyes slowly. Stay in this position for about two or three minutes and then remove the palms from the eyelids.
  2. 2)Sit with eyes open. Blink 10 times rapidly. Close eyes and relax for about 20 secs and pay attention to your breath. You can repeat three times.
  3. 3)Sit comfortably. Sit still looking ahead. Move not the body but only the eyes for these following exercises.


  • i)Move eyes upwards as far as you can. Rest eyes one second. Then downwards as far as you can. Rest eyes one second. Repeat same five times. then blink to relax the eye muscles.
  • ii)Repeat the same but instead of up and down move eyes sideways, first left then right.Do it five times. Again blink a few times to relax the eyes. Here additionally you can have a finger raised and in the centre for keeping the eyes focused while moving.
  • iii)itting relaxed in position; choose a point where you can take eyes to the right upwards extreme position and left downwards extreme position. Do this first to right uppermost position and then coming to centre go to left lowermost position. Repeat five times. Do it gently comfortably without straining the eyes.Reverse the same choosing the left uppermost and right lowermost positions for the eyes to focus on. Do five times.Relax. Blink eyes a few times to ease the eyes.
  • iv)Sitting comfortably stare straight ahead. First focus the eyes on the uppermost point, then left extreme point, then lowermost point and then right extreme point to again return to the uppermost point in a circle.Next reverse the direction. Do about five times slowly.Do this slowly for a few days and do more number of times like 10.After about a week or so when the eyes have gained some strength the process can be slightly speeded up and number of times reduced.

These are very basic and should get the ball rolling in getting your eye tone and strength on track. There are very many other exercises that are easily available on the net to try after about two or three weeks if this routine.


Tips for Eye Care

Diet and eye exercises improve the condition of your eyes from the initial condition to a far superior one if regularly and meticulously followed. But you have to top p this condition by doing certain things and avoiding others if you wish to be the star sun-protection-and-sunglassesof others’ gaze.

  • Obesity is bad for health in general for the run down condition and diseases it brings along with it, especially those like Type II diabetes. It causes blindness in an advanced stage. So eat healthy, do physical exercise and avoid the paunch and stay fit.
  • Quit smoking. Apart from lowering body’s health, it causes untold damage to the eyes by way of cataracts, optic nerve damage and macular degeneration in different stages.
  • The sun’s ultra-violet rays are harmful to the skin and the eyes as well. Wearing good protective
  • Working with sharp objects, flying particles during work, while cooking, when doing jobs that involve bright light close by etc are all hazardous especially to the eye. So dark protective glasses or staying a safe distance from the flame source are absolutely necessary.
  • As the body ages, vision tends to deteriorate. Avoid dim lighting while  reading, do not read in lying down position, get eyes checked for correction through spectacles or lenses if blurring occurs.
  • Pint girlAvoid wearing lenses continuously for more than six to eight hours at a stretch. If needed give the eyes some rest. Keep lenses clean at all times to avoid dust becoming a menace.
  • Too much TV is bad, more so in bad lighting. That goes the same for the computer as well. Both emit harmful radiation that hastens macular degeneration.
  • Keep the body relaxed as much as you can. It helps the eyes too by way of good blood circulation.
  • Nothing like clear fluids especially plain drinking water. Have plenty of it, since it gets rid of body toxins and gives a clear tone to both skin and eyes as well.
  • And of course do yoga. One of the best ways to improve eyesight. Get a guru or teacher to see that you do it correctly.

Get on that road to healthy eyes soon! Start your day with fluids, follow-up with a good diet regimen during the day, follow the eye-saving tips and do the eye exercises as if your life depends on it.

In no time, those shiny bright eyes of others that you once envied, will be yours for others to envy.  


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