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Article: Getting hold of oneself and coming out a winner..

Getting hold of oneself and coming out a winner..

Getting hold of oneself and coming out a winner..


There is a time in our lives when everything around us is in a mess and we are deep and in the middle of it. Take heart as we are all part of this wonderful thing called life and if we draw the courage from within, no hurdle or obstacle can stand in our path for long, no win or victory is distant from us and what promised to engulf us just vaporizes like the mist ahead of us that clears as we keep getting closer to it.

 Here’s how.

 Step 1 - Take a check – The first step towards problem solving of any sort is seeing what is in front of you and assessing it. ‘Break down’ into smaller bits like A has to be done, B has to be solved, C has to be done away with, D needs to be arranged etc. etc.

Group into Essential, not so urgent, can be done later based on how badly each bit is affecting your life. There! You are fairly clear as to what has created the mess, what could be done to clear the mess and now onto step 2.

problem-solving (1)

 Step 2 – Arrange the sequence of clearing. For example, B could be ahead of D, but D is necessary otherwise B will not happen. Or say A seems the most likely place to start with but you know that some F (like finances) might take precedence. Set these in order of priority and wait a few minutes to ponder.


 Step 3 – Re-arrange the list if required. Many a time our optimistic self may get the better of our judgment and we tend to lose sight of some unforeseen obstacle to getting that bit done. We could be right in our prioritization but we also have to know the possibilities of making the bits happen. And most importantly, prioritizing is such a tricky thing. We think we will do C but F is getting in the way or G has to be present or H must be solved. So based on logical sequence that would maximize chances of making things going, re-arrange the priorities.


 Step 4 – Inputs – List in hand now decide what is necessary for each part to be completed.

It could be finance – have you got the funds? Will somebody lend – parents, friends, lending agencies, selling something or any other that you can think of? Is it available a little later down the month?

Would it require somebody’s help? – (list names of those who would)

Does it require any documents you have to get hold of? Are there due dates and if over then penalties?

You know your situation best decide the inputs. Better still discuss with someone mature and whom you can trust not to let the matter go further. Surely there must be someone around? Finished the Inputs? Move  to step 5.

A businessman calculating expenses at tax time

 Step 5 – Action Time – Once planned, wasting time on pondering again would be a sheer waste. Start with the first and keep moving down the list. Constantly tick the list for completion or work in progress.


 Step 6 – review after last step is taken. Note against each bit, what has been achieved and what has not.

For the not it can be put down later as a separate exercise and I’m sure there will hardly be many and that too of consequence.

streamlining-business-operationsUnless something is really wrong in the planning, at the end when you recall the events, your slowly spreading grin would definitely break into a smile and follow up with carefree laughter.


 After all that is what life is about- Getting things done by breaking the huge mountain into small steps that we can climb and one day stand atop of.   

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