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Article: Cooling the overheated body in warm climes

Cooling the overheated body in warm climes

Cooling the overheated body in warm climes


Have you been overtaken by sudden bouts of sluggishness, increased thirst spells, fatigue that tends to wear you down or constant discomfort that does not allow your body the rest it requires? If these are once in a while it could be due to increased or sudden bursts of activity, where the symptoms disappear after a little period of rest and quiet. But regularly occurring and lowering your efficiency they could be a signal for the unnatural rise in the internal heat of the body.

The normal body temperature in warm climatic conditions is supposed to be at 36.9 0 C or 98.4 0 F and the internal functions of the body perform healthily as long as this temperature is maintained. Any imbalance of steep rise or steep fall, which the internal functions are not able to cope up with, immediately tells on the health of the organs and they start malfunctioning, leading to poor health and weakness.

We turn our attention to the overheated body in warm climes.


Body heat could be due to:

  • Illness or fever in the body
  • Strenuous physical workouts
  • Wearing tight clothing or artificial clothing that does not allow proper air circulation to the body
  • Undue exposure to the sun
  • Increased thyroid activity that raises the metabolic levels and produces heat within the body
  • The ingestion of certain medical substances like drugs or stimulants that generate heat
  • Certain medical conditions arising out of malfunctions within the body
  • Diseases like psoriasis, systemic sclerosis that could affect normal sweating process
  • Certain neurological disorders

Body Heat has to be removed and done away with at the earliest recognition of the signs or certain body organs could start malfunctioning and constant overheated conditions could lead from organ damage to failure.

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So, how is the body heat to be removed?

  • Spicy and hot foods could be reduced for a start and minimized at the earliest
  • Fatty and fried foods that have a lot of oils and Spice content should also be drastically cut down or avoided for some time
  • Caffeinated drinks like tea and coffee generate a lot of internal heat. They can be drastically reduced and later cut-off totally
  • Sodium in salt and other food substances also generates heat. This can be reduced by having a low sodium die
  • If nuts are being consumed regularly, their intake has to be lowered substantially
  • A lot of greens and vegetarian diet would help. Especially those partial to meat and such fleshy substances.
  • Coconut oil and Olive oil the non-fattening and healthy oils can be used for cooking.
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Foods that lower body heat

  • Ayurveda has prescribed the addition of cardamom in the preparations at home on a regular basis. In the tea that we drink, in sweet dishes and other tasty preparations.
  • The regular consumption of buttermilk especially during summer would provide the body with probiotics, minerals and vitamins that could inhibit the rise of heat in the body.
  • Coconut water is always a welcome invigorating drink for any sort of illness or lowered efficiency conditions of the body. It replenishes whatever nutrients that the body would have lost due to sweating, quenches the thirst and does away with the overheated conditions of the body.
  • Peaches with vitamin A, new B2 and potassium, lower the body heat. They clear the rashes of the skin and bring back its softness if the rashes due to body heat have given rise to sores.
  • A blend of apricot juice and honey is a wonderful thirst quenching cooling tonic.
  • The highly water laden fruit, the watermelon is a sure fire remedy for body heat
  • Others like cucumbers, bananas, sugarcane juice, barley water, citrus juices and organic teas like mint & fennel green tea had on a regular basis would never allow the body heat to rise. 
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Nature cure also prescribes certain home-made remedies that work very well to do away with body heat or maintain the body temperature if taken regularly.

  • Nothing like a glass of fresh pomegranate juice with a few drops of almond oil every morning. Cools the system and spruces you up.
  • A spoonful of fenugreek seeds taken daily keeps the excess heat at bay.
  • Poppy seeds are supposed to lower the body temperature but also give a drugging effect if consumed more. A few seeds before going to sleep daily would give the body relaxed sleep and maintain the temperature.
  • A spoonful of honey in cold milk is supposed to work wonders most times.
  • Vegetables and citrus fruits that are high in Vitamin C are good for keeping the body cool at all times.
  • A basin of cool water and keeping both feet in it for fifteen to twenty minutes or sandalwood paste with water or milk applied on the forehead, lowers body heat drastically
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If none of these home remedies work for you, it is advised that you consult the local physician. It could be a freakish condition that nature has given up on.   


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