Dress right, Look tall!



Go to any part of the world, height is looked up to or admired, given respect maybe more than it actually deserves. Height flatters, it gives a perceived advantage. This is what society at large tends to think and naturally observes in general too. Height also gives the confident air that people crave.

So if a female is born tall, she also strides with an air that is commanding. But what if the Maker had not given the advantage? Not to despair.

For, what advantage a woman does not gain naturally, she can bring about by use of intelligent moves, especially in dressing, to create the illusion of height.

Let us see how those short or 5’4’’ (just taken) and below of height can benefit from the tips below.

Tips for the hair

Keep the hair short                                                                                                                                          vanessa_hudgens_hp

Flowing long hair reduces the stature of the rest of the body tending to dwarf it further. Short hair would stop the gaze high enough and the remaining portion of the body now visible prominently, would give the overall look added height illusively.

Put the hair up

If cutting the hair short is not an attractive option, alternatively it can be pulled up. High ponytails, buns, other raised hair-dos all give impressions of raised height.

Add layers or highlight the locks 

Long straight hair gives the feeling of being pulled down. But the same single layer broken up with additional stepped layers gives an illusion of added height.

Tips for footwear

Wear heels. 

shoes1Whether you opt for half-inch heels or three-inch heels, these shoes add height and give the taller look. If the heels were to be skinny it would be an added advantage. Thick platforms give a weighted heavy dragged down look.

Don open-toed footwear

When the skin is visible beyond the point of the junction between foot and leg, the illusion of the leg being continued would make it seem longer than actual. In other words a taller height is imagined. So wear open toed shoes or sandals.

Give ankle strap shoes a go-by

Shoes with ankle straps give the feeling of curtailed height or shortened leg because the point at which the ankle strap cuts the leg portion seems like reducing the visible height of the leg, making it seem shorter.

                                                                                 Tips for the dress

Go for deep vertical necklines.

Blouses that are deep with vertical necklines like the V neck, gets the gaze going up and down an illusion of height. Wide or main-blenders1horizontal necklines draw the eye side to side to give a reduced height impression.

Shorten the skirt hemline

A skirt with hemline that stops short of the knee is a flattering sight for short women because it gives a long and exposed leg that would appear longer than actual and gives the impression of added height.

Stick to dresses that keep legs looking balanced

Skirts and pants are good clothing for short women to keep the legs looking balanced.  If skirts flare at the knee or lower leg they balance out the natural width of the hips and give the balanced look. But tapered styles may make the top look heavy give the impression that the legs are shorter and the overall impression is of less height.

Keep the legs and shoes same colored

This means if a dress causes more leg to show, then a nude shoe would create the illusion of continuous leg or long length. This automatically gets the impression of good height. A dark colored jeans or black slacks with black shoe gives a similar impression.

stripes-to-look-thinnerHigh waisted bottoms help

The general impression makes the eye naturally assume that the leg starts at the waistline. Keeping the waistline resting above the hips makes the leg appear longer. Alternatively low rise pants give the impression of shortness.

Vertical lines are great

Wear vertical line prints and avoid horizontal ones. Pinstripes, pleats, vertical zippers that keep the eye moving up and down give a good impression of height. Anything horizontal that causes the eye to go side wards causes the contrary.

Single color dress is an added advantage

A monochromatic look or persisting with a single color in the wear does well for height. More the colors more are the divisions perceived by the eye giving the vision of reduced height.

Solid color and patterns are an asset

Stick with solid colors that give a feeling of continuity and height to the gaze. Large patterns which seem to monopolize the eye should be avoided and prints with small patterns that create interest yet do not fill the gaze are advantageous.

A clear no for ‘baggy’ clothing

Avoid baggy clothing. People who wear loose, oversized garments may end up looking “lost” inside their clothes, which may make them seem wider and shorter than they actually are.

                                                                                   Tips for the accessories

Thin belts seem to work in your favorbelt

A thin belt sticks with the figure, gives confidence and the flattering look. A wide belt would seem to be dividing the body and naturally gives the reduced height look.

Scarves and long vertical drapes are a hit

The eye goes up and down easily. Lengthy vertically, scarves and long hanging down necklaces in the front give the impression of tallness, more than the actual.

Avoid the over-sized bag

The over-sized bag monopolizes the gaze and causes the eye to take in less of the stature. Instead thin or compact bags, clutches hardly take advantage, thin strap shoulder bags also do the same.

Women of all ages, bulky and thin, tall and short, the average-looking and the gorgeous, all have one thing in common. To look good naturally or with the aid of anything that can fetch the self-esteem or that added ‘boost’ to keep going in the world.

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While these tips would definitely help, what would certainly be an asset is the air of confidence that one can project if one just were to be self-assured of one’s worth. For, that height is something that is obvious, not merely by gaze but by the responses from the world that shows just how much it esteems you.