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Article: Coconut oil – multiple uses, maximum benefit

Coconut oil – multiple uses, maximum benefit

Coconut oil – multiple uses, maximum benefit



Coconut Oil has been part of Indian tradition since a very long time. Applied to the hair, it is believed to give long tresses, keeps the hair nourished, and provides a smooth shine and lustre that is the envy of onlookers and all around. Hair care through coconut oil is known for centuries but the appealing feature of skin care is coming to light more and more with newer uses and applications of this miracle oil that provide more and more ways of caring for the skin.

Let us briefly run over some of the simple and effective ways of getting the skin tone that we desire, the smooth and soft texture of the skin that would be the envy of those conscious of their looks, but who cannot do much about it without cost and effort.

1.Keeping the skin moisturized:-A homemade mix of shea butter, coconut oil and other soft oils like jojoba oil can be applied freely and evenly on the skin all over and lightly. The saturated fats in the coconut oil is supposed to block the moisture on the IMG_0620surface from evaporating, giving it even tone and a smooth surface.

2.Removing the dead cells on the skin surface:-After a while, the skin cells dry up and peel. New cells grow. These dead cells have to be softly brushed off leaving clear skin of newly formed cells. A mix of coconut oil and coconut sugar helps very much in gently removing the dead cells. Coconut sugar by the way is a sugar produced from the sap of cut flower buds of the coconut palm. Coconut sugar has been used as a traditional sweetener for thousands of years in the South and South-East Asian regions where the coconut palm is in abundant supply.

3.Body Oil:-For those with dry skin especially, coconut oil just has to be poured on to the palm of one hand and bit palms rubbed before applying it gently on the hands, feet and other exposed areas of the skin. The elbows and knees could do with more number of applications throughout the day since these areas tend to be dry and chapped generally.

4.Cold sore treatment:-Those who suffer from tenderness of skin in spots, pain etc. due to cold conditions, coconut oil that contains fatty acids that have disinfectant and antimicrobial properties help to protect against and heal microbial infections.

100_Human_Remy_Hand_Tied_Long_Stunning_Glossy_Straight_Black_Lace_Wig_about_18_Inches_100_Human_Hair5.Keeping the cuticles clean:-rubbing coconut oil into the cuticles of the nails keeps bacterial invasions far from them and the loosening up is a boon for nail cutting painlessly.

6.Detoxifying the body:-adding a little coconut (¼ cup) oil along with some Epsom salts (about ¼ cup) in the bath water is a real good way to relax and get rid of the body toxins. To get aromatherapy benefits some sweet oils could be mildly added also.

7.Diaper rash prevention:-Coconut oil

Diaper rash is soothed with the application of coconut oil on the affected part. It also eases the pain, itch and spreading rash and then heals.

8.Dry hands? no worry:-Those who have dry hands from washing the dishes or handling implements and tools, can safely rub their hands with coconut oil and wear gloves over them and continue doing their tasks.

9.Great way to look fresh always:-dabbing the face lightly with coconut oil and then washing the face gently after some time will keep the face glowing.

10.A great repellant:-Add some coconut oil, with some essential oils like eucalyptus, mint, clove and keep handy. Rub now and then to keep those pestering insects at bay. This does away with the harsh chemicals and toxic smoke that you are normally subjected to.

11.Sun block and night cream:-Keep the skin hydrated during day and when going to sleep to reap the benefits of a mix of coconut oil and sun block or normal moisturizer to keep the skin alive and breathing at all times.

12.A revolutionary shaving gel:-By just rubbing coconut oil on the shaving portion, and running the razor smoothly, you get one of the closest shaves possible with no cuts or razor burn. Rub on skin, shave and pat dry!


13.Getting rid of skin infections:-The anti-inflammatory properties of coconut oil, its application over skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis and many others, there is a gradual healing effect that stays permanently healed.

14.Getting rid of Stretch Marks:-Due to the skin’s elasticity changes especially after weight loss / gain or pregnancy in women, there are visible light lines or bands that appear on the colored skin surface. Application of coconut oil on these lines have shown that they can be got rid of in some time effortlessly.

15.Alleviating sunburn:-Areas affected by sun causing inflamed skin, redness, dried patches are easily reduced by the application of coconut oil on the affected parts for some days. By adding raspberry seed extract or zinc oxide to coconut oil, an effective sun block is readied, that could be useful for extended periods in the sun..

There are more and more ingenious ways by which people are discovering the benefits of applying coconut oil to the skin besides the hair of course and including it in the regular meal.

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Coconut oil is unique, a plant based oil that is generally solid and white at room temperature and melts into clear looking oil with just a little warmth. Coconut oil contains saturated fats, that are in the form of short segments of healthy fats that the body can easily assimilate, uses for quick energy and yet does not store.  It is a great supplement to any diet, deliciously smelling and works beneficially whether you want to lose weight, build muscle or just need energy throughout the day.

Make coconut oil a part of your daily regimen in some form or the other, use it extensively for its healthy properties for skin and hair and see the drastic change that would soon come in your life.


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