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Article: De-clutter and organize your household. Today!

De-clutter and organize your household. Today!
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De-clutter and organize your household. Today!

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Clutter is part of everybody’s lives only varying in extent. It creeps on you so silently that you hardly realize the amount of change that has silently occurred without your being even conscious about it.


Let’s see what this thing ‘clutter’ is that we are talking about. Slide-1_5

  • You rummage inside your cupboard containing clothes almost daily trying to find a new pair of decent socks to wear. You get them, yes, but one of different pairs – one old and one new of different colours.
  • You are sure that book you are searching for is in the third shelf of the bookcase from top in the right corner. You ultimately find it in the deep portion of the recessed bottom shelf, covered with a thin film of dust.
  • Your mother seeks to make a new dish and she requires the frying pan for the job. After a lot of clanking and loud noises she gets it at the bottom of the pile of unused kitchenware.

Surprised? Well, you shouldn’t be.

CLUTTERClutter is what many a household learns to live with but does nothing about. We never could have realized that clutter had come to be with us until we actually need something badly and we have to ‘wade through’ lots of stuff to get at something remembered after some period of time.

Clutter disturbs. Clutter frustrates. Clutter chokes.


1)      We don’t find the things we need or want in time. The effort to find could lead from mild frustration to blatant anger without knowing whom to blame, depending on whether we ultimately get or don’t what we are searching for.

2)      Repeatedly this sort of searching for different objects or things around the house could turn into a nightmare with every subsequent search.

3)      Worse, if the thing is found much later in bad shape due to careless and hurried searches.

You can add to this based on your own experiences.

How can we prevent this? Simple! Stay organized and form a ‘habit’ of it!


Here’s how!

1)      Simply put back whatever you took from its place back to the same place. You will find the desired every time you reach for it.

2)      Don’t buy new unless you have decided where to keep the old. This applies to clothes, books, how-to-declutter-choices-collage

3)      Within a cupboard containing the same type of items segregate and place on different shelves or create spacing through spacers if you can.medicines, even footwear and other items small and big that a normal household has.

4)      Medicines and small items can be stored in small bread boxes or plastic bins and kept in glass cupboards or where they are visible and handy. On top of the bookshelf or within the small cubicle in the fridge would be good for medicines.

Anyway we should make a habit of giving away to a local medicine store which could be distributing to poor people free or chuck in the dustbin after reasonable expiry.

declutter-bookshelf5)      Books if overflowing can be neatly piled into ‘generally used’, ‘sometimes’ and ‘rarely used’. Chuck the ‘rarely used’ neatly sorted and tied up into a small trunk with naphthalene balls.

Arrange the sorted remaining two into the book shelf with the ‘sometimes’ lot in the back and the ‘generally used’ in the front.

Further segregation can be done into light stuff, heavy stuff, miscellaneous (by reading-content) if you have the energy and the will to maintain accordingly.

6)      Footwear and old clothes can always be given to charity. Any other thing like books we don’t want, extra useable stuff that‘s been lying around for ages, can be given to many people who would be glad to have them. donation-box

7)       Kitchenware can get a new look after six months to a year if there is provision for storing the old stuff and getting the replacements out there.

8)      Same with curtains, upholstery, or anything else that can add freshness to the environment. This will induce the urge to ‘clean up’ and get the place neat and in order to match them.

9)      If you are not a die-hard Vaasthu addict then space management always calls for using the walls for supporting the heavy stuff keeping the space in the middle free for easy movement and free-flowing air. Never block the windows with even the lightest obstruction.

Natural light and air will keep the atmosphere harmonious and light and you could immediately feel anything being out of place and replace to its original position before long.

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You say, you are not able to find your mental peace? I suggest you repeat the exercise and organize your mental thoughts into subjects and ‘de-clutter’.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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