Detailed Infographic by Unnati Silks on Ajrakh Printing

One of the most ancient in the traditional art of printing on fabrics, Ajrak prints are a distinguishable form of wood block printing that seems to find its roots or influences in the Indus Valley Civilization. Sindh in Pakistan and neighbouring districts of Kutch in Gujarat and Barmer in Rajasthan are where this amazing print art originally began and still flourishes to this day, though other districts in Gujarat and Rajasthan have also become familiar with this craft and practicing.

Ajrak printing is wooden hand block printing that involves exquisite designs etched in the wooden block, the difference suggested in the name from the extensive use of the pre-dominant color Ajrak, from the Arabic word Azrak, meaning ‘indigo’ or ‘blue’. The design block is dipped in dye and the designs neatly printed on cotton & silk fabrics.

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