Detailed Infographic by Unnati Silks on Jamdhani


Picture colourful trails in creative patterns that improve the surroundings. Jamdani or Jamdhani, a fine art weave attachment, intended to enhance the look and appeal of the saree on which it is hand woven, is one such art embroidery. A hand-woven technique to improve the aesthetic appeal, it takes the form of cotton and gold colored thread weaving to create motifs of geometric patterns and floral designs in colourful hues.

Jamdhani hand weaving is a necessary accompaniment for Bengal sarees and is on display on the cotton and silk offerings of the Baluchari, Shantipur, Bengal cotton and Tussar silk fabrics that are Bengal’s pride.  A traditional weave that came from Bangla Desh, one of the varieties of the finest muslin, it is also the pride of West Bengal, India.

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