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Article: Detailed Infographic by Unnati Silks on Aari Embroidery

aari embroidery

Detailed Infographic by Unnati Silks on Aari Embroidery


Aari work is arty embroidery, with elaborate and highly refined floral motifs.  A legacy of Mughal times, some of the designs prevail even now in the fashionable fabrics of the times. However there are newer additions to the existing, which continue to remain refined and flawless. Regions in India, known for Aari embroidery are Hyderabad, Lucknow, Delhi, Kutch, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh.

Aari work retains advantages of being small and confined. Intricate in the execution, beads, sequins or small spirals of gold or silver wire are also added with the existing aari work where needed, to add some sparkle to the fabric. Aari is a fast process with several artisans dividing up the single piece of work between them, they constantly maintain the tension of the threads by keeping the fabric tightened between the four corners of an adda or khatia (cot). It serves two-fold. The work gets done much faster and the novices or new persons get acquainted with the process by hands-on training on the simple motifs of the aari work on the fabric.

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