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Article: 67 Years of Independence - Happy Independence Day!!

67 Years of Independence - Happy Independence Day!!

67 Years of Independence - Happy Independence Day!!

Hare Krishna!
67th Independence Day Celebrations - 2014
We are all set to celebrate Independence Day once again, the 67th time after we first celebrated on August 15th 1947.
Delhi shall once more be witness to
-          the live proceedings of the grand march past down Rajpath,
-          the salute taken by the President on the occasion ,
-          the display of the unity and discipline of the three armed forces in their marching and show of firepower on their floats,
-          the parade of India’s cultural heritage and diversity of its people from its twenty nine states and seven union territories,
-          the awarding of gallantry awards to a list of deserving winners,
-          the grand air show put up to enthrall the thousands waiting patiently since much before the event and staying till the very end or culmination of one more show of patriotism and solidarity for the nation’s cause.
The rest of India shall have to be content to witness the live coverage of the spectacle on their television sets at home. The largest democracy in the world shall once again be showcasing what it has achieved in its 67 years of freedom when the entire coverage will be beamed through satellite across nations near and far.
Have we achieved much after freedom? Yes we have!
-          From a small nation that had just gotten its freedom after a long fought struggle, it is now recognized as a power in its own right, with definitions from developing nation to developed nation to superpower in the region, all being juggled with by nations across the world.
-          What earlier was a country, primarily an agrarian economy and still in its infancy of industrialization, is today a nation that boasts a sound agricultural base and a massive industrial environment of large conglomerates, multi-nationals, large industrial houses, medium sized companies and a very big chunk of small scale industries.
-          Fairly good in their disciplines or fields of endeavour, the Indian workforce is actually a force to reckon with. Good English skills, tech savvy, computer literate, and at home in any work environment that they are put in, they have ventured out for a living and achieved success wherever they have set foot.
-          Be it the film industry that has showcased films applauded by world masters, or the fashion industry that has displayed its fusion fabrics, the music maestros who have audiences lapping up their music or writers who have matched their literary genius to win international accolades, these are but random examples of what the Indians are capable of given that half-chance.
What has 2014 got for India Inc. to cheer about?
-          The May 2014 elections threw up a huge surprise when a single party got a major chunk of seats and received a massive mandate.  After a very long time a single party has won on its own. Presumably functioning of parliament, passage of bills and clearing will be much easier and quicker. No longer the stalling, politicising, compromising in at least one of the houses of Parliament which had so many bills on worthwhile issues that could never be put up for lack of consensus in coalition politics.
-          The budget presented by the finance minister showed promise for new investment and did little to introduce fresh taxes. Though austerity measures were pronounced, and no subsidies were introduced, the mood was still upswing knowing that somewhere the trend would be reversed in the short run.
-          Buoyed by this majority the stock markets have recorded very many new highs that could not even have been anticipated.
-          Industrial houses have cheered at the progressive ideas of the new Prime Minister and given his earlier track record shown their willingness to start new projects, thereby also ensuring new employment in a way.
-          Infrastructure sector has in such a confidence building environment naturally perked up with a lot of housing projects and the banking sector has opened up in the issue of loans for housing and new projects raising the hopes of people who would like to have their own dream nests.
-          Yes while the rail budget did give a shock to regular travelers, the food prices still a cause for worry, there is a sincere effort to tackle the issue that promises to bear fruit in the near future.
-          What is more heartening is to see movement and in the forward direction on many issues, that were not touched by earlier governments for so many reasons not comprehensible. The direct face-off in the light of ceasefire violations where talks were kept on hold, the direct approach talks regarding the border issue with the Chinese government, the visits to Bhutan and Nepal to restore the weak bonding to strong ties. Even our hostile neighbor was taken aback by the invite to the swearing-in ceremony of the new Prime Minister to all SAARC countries.
-          Countries elsewhere around the world, earlier hostile or with a lukewarm response to India’s moves are suddenly welcoming talks, initiatives and investments with India. India is suddenly seen as the next destination for investment given the pronouncements of clear-cut policies encouraging industrial investments and the assurances of quick clearances that were the bottlenecks during earlier regimes.
Yes! It may not be a miracle turnaround and there may be many harsh and disliked steps to follow. The political debates could be ranging from the communal riots in U.P. to the appointment of judges through the collegiums, old wine in new bottles as accused by the past government of the new government regarding schemes proposed by the new government to the Hindutva factor gaining prominence since the BJP came to power to the controversial statements of those in the ruling party. What is really encouraging is the action on many fronts from Day 1, be it the re-vamping of the working styles of the party in power, the cleaning and sprucing up of the office environment and functioning, the almost full house attendance of Parliament in everyday sessions the more cordial atmosphere or decorum within the house, it augurs well for the electorate who have high hopes and aspirations to be fulfilled in the days to come, a vindication of their choice and faith reposed in the new government that at last decisions would be taken, scams would be minimal if any and that the good governance and tackling of key issues like inflation, price rise, employment  would be a reality.
Independence Day 2014 certainly is a day when the sky shall seem bluer and the sun shining brighter, for the speech made from the ramparts of Red Fort shall as many anticipate bring words like sweet music  in a re-affirmation of ‘better times to come’.
Jai Hind!             

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