Car Keys - We will miss you!! All thanks to our Genius Indian lad

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The other day browsing the net I came across something interesting. So I thought that it could interest a few and perk up thousands of others who could be genuinely keen to follow it up.
Here is some food for thought.
If only you had the luxury of getting the security devices of your car operative, from the inside of the house in case you have forgotten to or are more likely too dashed tired to attend to the small but necessary chores. Things like switching on or switching off the air conditioning, turning off the headlights, opening the boot to get something out or get the engine started as warm-up which all require the use of the car keys and fetching back. Wow! Could that be done?

Features that gave access to the car controls without being within, where the engine could be started, the music system switched on, the power windows and central locking in place for the night and a host of other conveniences that would make you drool.
How man? After all the keys have to be in place and you have to operate the remote from a range of less than 20 metres.
100614fp-remote-vehicle-automation-arvind-sajeev (1)Possible says the inventor of the keyless Remote Vehicle Activation system. Operative from a range of about 100 metres, getting these things done from within the cozy confines of your bedroom is like child’s play. All managed through the Android operating system of your smart phone. The application allows the flexibility and confidence to do the entire lot of things in style.
The prime objective of the invention is car security, a growing concern for the100614fp-remote-vehicle-automation-arvind-sajeev (1) increasing number of car owners and especially for those who have up market preferences and high priced models. The limited features of the currently available car locking system has central and window locking, can be operated from close ranges only and at frequencies of 300 – 600 MHz being standard and with limited sellers has every chance of being replicated for fraudulent purposes or hacked.  Costing high despite the limitations never was the need for upgrade felt so acutely as in recent years.
The initial display to public has been made at the Blackberry 10 launch in Mumbai at the start of the year. The response has been staggering and if the prototype gets tied up with an interested manufacturer it would be a dream come true for the multitudes of car owners across India for whom the very thought of losing a car and then trying to get it traced and back in one piece without financial agony is itself a nightmare.
The young inventor is Arvind Sanjeev from Toc H Institute of Science and Technology (TIST), a genius who has many more thrilling devices to uncover for your pleasure. To know more you could always latch on to or visit his blog site