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Article: LPG Gas Shortage - A Green Take

LPG Gas Shortage - A Green Take

LPG Gas Shortage - A Green Take

With so much of Green and more Green coming into the market, it is heartening to note that people are getting highly fpgreen07012014environmental-friendly. Cars, Refrigerators, Computers, Bulbs, and a whole lot of known and familiar stuff that make our everyday lives more comfortable have been given a re-do.
Well, it is a long story. But to put it in a nutshell, anything that was average and giving away (emitting) a lot of heat, is now to get hot slower. Thanks to a lot of energy efficiency experts who have got together, mulled upon and arrived at the most likely solution - to slow down the inevitable and once fast, process of wearing away the ozone layer.
The ozone layer, a few hundred kms. above the earth is supposed to protect us from the sun’s direct rays and its harmful effects.
But here on earth we need our luxuries of travel, our heating equipment, our coolers, and a whole lot of gizmos. Before technology even realized the scorching pace with which it changed our lives, nature gave y hotter summers and chillier winters and its other signs that made us realize that something was amiss.
Scientists hunched over and spoke about the irresponsible use of fuel and the emissions of heat from all modern inventions that contributed to the ‘global warming’.
But the damage was already done. It was too late to turn back the clock and start differently.
What was the best alternative?
Manage the depletion of resources to control their rapid use.
Make use of a lot of renewable energy sources since solar energy and other such renewable energy is free and plenty and saves the precious fuel which would have been otherwise used for producing power for use in heating and lighting and given out a lot of smoke.
Hammer in idea of energy efficient devices using less energy and producing better results than earlier.
Rope in all governments to set common and agreed upon agendas for their respective countries the world over since it involved mankind and its future. Introduce harsh penalties for non-compliance.
That set me thinking. Could I attribute the LPG shortage to be artificially created as India’s contribution to the Green movement? Are the rising costs of fuel deliberate deterrents to restrict the use of private vehicles as a start? Were the Bandhs also State-sponsored secret pacts to cut down fuel costs of the state transport vehicles? The list is long.
Whatever be it, at least everybody is contributing in his or her own small way for the cause.

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