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Article: Wearing their sarees intelligently  –  ideas for the plus size women

Wearing their sarees intelligently  –  ideas for the plus size women

Wearing their sarees intelligently  –  ideas for the plus size women

No woman likes to be called anything other than thin or shapely. Not even the actually plus-sized. Simple logic- who wants their limitations highlighted especially in public glare for others to have a silent laugh? While there are a few who are least bothered about what people may say, the vast majority of the plus-sized would definitely like to do something about it. Only problem is that they do not how. Let us see how we could help. First thing, that plus-sized women have to remember is that God has made the fairer sex to look soft and beautiful in their clothing. If Nature has not been kind enough to give them the figures or body shapes they sought to have, then they could definitely wear them in a manner that could at least their bulk would not seem glaring or obvious. In fact if they could get the knack of wearing in a certain manner and carrying it off well, they could be the talk of the town. For a start here are certain things that could be borne in mind and followed religiously for a while till it becomes part of your innate nature.
  • Neatness is a virtue of the fairer sex and is a universally acknowledged fact. Whatever saree you drape around you drape it neatly. Untidy dressing achieves just what you wish to avoid looking like.
  • Always ensure the fabric material is suitable. Anything stiff should be a no-no. It will make you look bulkier than you actually are.
  • Avoid big prints and always opt for smaller prints.
  • Dark colors follow your body lines very closely and make you appear more compact than you actually are. Light colors should be given the go-bye.
  • Experiment with different types of blouses. Different kinds of blouses can give you a completely different look even with the same saree.
  • The border/pallu of your saree. Thin borders are ideal for curvy women since they only outline your outfit.
  • Avoid wearing blouses that have ban collars etc. The sweetheart neckline or boat necks suits fine.
  • Don’t wear blouses that are very much adorned or decorated. They will make you look broader.
Now let us try out the ideas to look svelte.
  • Cape over a saree The Cape was very much traditional and disappeared awhile. Now it has come back with a vengeance. Something that is modern yet traditional adding a cape to your saree gives it a whole new look, bewitching I would say. Such a styling leaves onlookers gaping. The first way to drape your saree with cape is to wear a one solid-colored saree and accompany it with a close cropped sleeveless blouse. You could wear a net cape will full sleeves over it for finishing touch. Capes cover up your shoulder fat. While presenting something desirable it does away with the traditional dupatta that was the best salvage for the plus-sized. To make it it interesting another way you could wear a saree and a cape of the same color and fabric. The cape could have a silver or golden lining to elevate the look. With cape and blouse having short sleeves, you could easily accessorize your look by wearing golden bangles,  adding jhumkas in your ears and doing up your hair. You will be talked about long after you have left the party.
  • Try out ruffles What did you say? Were not ruffles forbidden for the plus-sized? Time you stopped taking such negative thoughts about no-no for ruffles deep to heart. Wear a light and vibrant colored saree and accompany it with a lovely traditionally colored blouse with ruffles at the sleeves. It will make you look lovely.
  • The embroidered saree for the bride The saree is the Indian bridal dress and nothing better than chosen to wear a saree with golden zari embroidery but not very excessive. Not the conventional heavy silks but a light colored white or cream colored chiffon would suit admirably. Keep the borders thin, and that’s all. Get your hair and makeup done. Put on family jewelry as per tradition.
  • Draping a belt around would look so nice If you ever plan to wear a fabric that’s stiff and feel like it is making you look too broad, then do nothing else but this. Add on a thin belt.
  • The traditional look The simple traditional look  is good enough to look ravishing if worn the right way. You can wear a bright colored saree with a contrasting colored blouse. Styling options like a center-parted bun, with the traditional jewelry would add to the gorgeousness. A bold winged eyeliner with a soft lipstick. Sure that the beauty opposite you in the mirror is You?
  • The woman-of-the world look Women who want to attend a formal meeting or event need to look elegant and sophisticated. A dark-colored saree with a printed blouse, with simple or geometrical design, rather than floral prints would look lovely. Makeup should be a right balance of nude lipstick with liner and tied up hair.
What are the fabrics that suit the plus-sized?
  • Fabric like Chiffon or soft-net would be ideal for the curvy types. They have a flowing presence and obviate the effect of broadness or plus-size largely.
  • Dark colors as mentioned earlier have a good way of minimizing vision of bulk. Even light colors could do at times. But definitely not the soft and pastel shades which work highlight the unwanted.
  • Better still avoid more than one color or wear monochromatic sarees.
  • If only the plus-sized came to realize how good shimmer looked on them. A shimmery saree or top like a woman’s shirt with shimmer would look wonderful.
  • Simple is Fab. Sometimes the easiest way to look good is to keep it simple and elegant. A saree like pale brown or dark cream could do with a simple. For the makeup, make sure it is light and not overshadowing your overall look. Let your hair be loose in long loose waves.
  • If you are attending a wedding a combo of golden with red saree would look superb.
  • Make-up could be light and hardly much. The natural look with a little blush and smokey eyes could set hearts aflutter even with a plus size.
  • Hairdo has much to do with elevated look for the curvy types. Low buns, bun either side parted or parted in the middle adds to your beauty. The tied back hair should be avoided.
Unnati Silks and the plus size woman Unnati Silks has a wide range in silk & cotton sarees that would help any size woman to fulfill her dreams.  Varieties from across 21 states of India that provide handloom, handcrafted  sarees of quality, are good for any woman to look her best. Associated with master weavers from hubs across the country and with its own printing units, Unnati Silks has been able to provide sarees of almost all the known  varieties in unique design and fusion. Unnati Silks caters to women’s apparel and with its woman-centric approach has a deep understanding of women’s tastes. While it does believe that there is a way for the plus-size women to look more comfortable , it goes beyond to see the beauty of the soul and suggests that any woman could feel beautiful simply by accepting her own self as “truly beautiful”.

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