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Article: Summer is here. What would you like to wear in sarees?

Summer is here. What would you like to wear in sarees?

Summer is here. What would you like to wear in sarees?

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Come Summer and
Every woman likes to wear light,
In colors quite bright,
So that she very well might
Be thought one of the best in sight.
And what better for this than the Indian saree. Designs and prints galore, there is plenty in store, in fabrics like cotton, sico and linen.Unnati Silks is quite ready with its new ranges in soft and smooth textured fabrics that are both lively and light. Let us get to know what is available both in terms of fabric as well as their beckoning features.

  1. When the smooth textured Kota cottons are decorated with the Rajasthani century-old Bagru Prints, known for their unique use of Natural Dyes and Hand Block Printing you get sarees with designs that you will love.Done with Hand Blocks of wood with holding grips on one side and a flat smooth surface or pressing side with design engraved on it on the other, designs engraved are transferred to the fabric by filling colours in the etched cavities and giving a sharp hit to the pressed block on the cloth.The fabric is then printed with natural dyes or colorants which are derived from plants and animals. Different blocks with different colours are used for the different parts of the overall design. Since a majority of the natural dyes are from plants, Bagru Prints are also referred to as ‘eco-friendly’ prints.Available for you:
  • Prints are in muted and earthy colors like grey, brown, pink.
  • Prints are neatly arranged across the body in well-laid out arrays like flower beds.
  • There is a small golden zari border which adds a slight elegance to the setting.
  • The Pallu is simple yet attractive for its neatness.

  1. Again you have the smooth textured Kota cottons but this time decorated by an age old ethnic tradition that has stood the test of time as a unique way of dyeing and printing. Practised mostly in Rajasthan, it has churned out extraordinary fabrics of brilliant colours and mind-blowing designs that have left modern pundits dumbstruck. Yes we are talking about the very famous Dabu prints.
    Dabu printed Kota cotton sarees undergo a rigorous process that involves a lot of not so easily available and costly natural dyes and vegetable pastes.
    Available for you:
  • Fresh breezy prints in vibrant spring colors like indigo, green, pink, blue liven up the scene.
  • The prints chosen are floral subjects like leaves, palm fronds or simply small shapes in neat arrays
  • Again the small touch of a golden zari border adds to the elegance of the saree.

  1. You have a very fine range of Mulmul cottons that are very smooth and soft, also done by Dabu prints and the colors and prints chosen would flatter any woman wearing them.

  1. Then you have the pure Krisha summer cotton Fine cotton sarees with a variety of interesting block prints.
    Available for you:
  • Mostly lovely white backdrop and some soft colored sarees are there to do you justice.
  • Colors chosen are white, blue, pink, light brown, ivory, vibrant orange.
  • Prints are simple and uncluttered and very pleasing to the eye. Especially the white backdrop sarees would look very good and feel nice to wear in hot weather conditions.

  1. There is also the Vrinda series of Chanderi Sico sarees. What is the Vrinda series?
    When the mind is pure, the intentions are pure. When the intentions are pure, the entire psyche is enveloped with the thought of doing good. So any action as a result achieves the good.
    The holy plant Tulsi is also known as Vrinda, the pure and the auspicious. A land of customs and traditional observances, India has since long considered the Tulsi plant as pure and sacrosanct. The plant is placed in the front portion of the house in the belief that its purity would ward off all evil and is worshipped daily for prosperity. As a plant it also has its medicinal uses and as a herb, its leaves is somewhat considered a panacea for all ills by the science of Ayurveda.
    As per Hindus scriptures, Tulsi is the symbol of purity, holiness and the presence of divinity. The Tulsi is worshipped at home as Krishna Tulsi and Rama Tulsi. Eight names of the Tulsi are chanted in the morning and evening for auspiciousness, good luck, peace and prosperity.
    And for medicinal uses the Tulsi leaves have their use for simple ailments to serious diseases also.
    Expanding on this theme of Purity, we present Vrinda.The Chanderi Sico sarees are a collection of extremely vibrant and carefully chosen colors that fascinate. The Chanderi fabric is already well-known for its excellence in weaving and sheer quality. This particular range of sarees has vibrancy, colour creativity, freshness in look and softness in texture.  See for yourself!

These are samples from each of the ranges. Do visit the website and get your ‘eye-fill’ of sarees to choose from since summer is already at your doorstep.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_btn title="SHOP NOW" color="black" align="center" link="|||"][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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